Hilary Grace Healing Garden

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Grow Our Garden: Make a donation to support the Hilary Grace Healing GardenAnyone who has been ill or injured understands the healing affects of nature.
Lush greenery, calming breezes, warm sunlight and the shifting sights and sounds of the natural world can restore health and vitality to people facing the stress of illness.
University Hospital has created this type of soothing environment thanks to the generosity and inspiration of Hilary Grace, a lover of nature who wanted patients to have a special space for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Garden Features
The Hilary Grace Healing Garden at University Hospital serves as a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and meditation.
The garden offers:
  • A welcoming outdoor area for patients, families, friends and staff
  • Carefully selected plants to stimulate sight, smell, taste, touch and sound
  • Seating in shady and sunny areas
  • Options for outdoor activity
  • Beautiful views of nature and art for 45 patient rooms

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Entrance to the GardenAerial view of the garden Hilary Grace Healing Garden Hilary Grace Healing Garden Hilary Grace Healing Garden Hilary Grace Healing Garden Hilary Grace Healing Garden