Priority OrthoCare: Be seen quickly for a new bone or joint injury

If you or your child need to be seen right away for a sprain, strain, back or neck injury, sports or work injury or dislocated joint, UW Health Priority OrthoCare can help.

Priority OrthoCare

Care for your orthopedic needs

Priority OrthoCare is designed for adults and children who want to be seen for an initial evaluation following a new bone or joint injury.

Appointments will be scheduled at one of our orthopedic clinics in Madison, Wis. You will be directed to the clinic with orthopedic providers who can best meet your needs.

Patients can be seen at Priority OrthoCare for:

  • Initial evaluation for new orthopedic injuries

  • Sports and work injuries

  • Joint dislocations

  • Acute back/neck injuries

  • Minor lacerations

  • Sprains/strains

Priority OrthoCare does not provide care for:

  • Chronic conditions

  • Second opinions

  • Illness

  • Missed appointments

  • Medication prescription/medication refill appointments

Priority OrthoCare is not a replacement for appointments that are already scheduled with orthopedic providers.

Get an appointment

How to use Priority OrthoCare

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. Priority OrthoCare is not meant to be emergency care.

Priority OrthoCare hours

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Schedule an Priority OrthoCare appointment

  • Call us: (608) 440-6500

  • You will be told which location to go to for your appointment

Quartz Insurance and most commercial insurance are accepted for Priority OrthoCare visits. Check with your insurance plan to make sure that your visit will be covered.