Risk Management

Risk Management supports all elements of the UW Health strategic plan through effective risk identification, risk financing and risk mitigation. We collaborate with departments to promote patient and workforce safety and secure the human, physical and financial assets of the organization. We strive to preserve and create value by reducing the frequency and severity of adverse events, minimizing loss, and increasing organizational resilience.

Requesting a Claims History and Liability Insurance Verification

UW Health will provide up to 10 years of claims history and medical professional liability insurance verification to clinicians or third parties for the purposes of credentialing or employment at other healthcare institutions.

Request for Claims History and Liability Insurance Verification

Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

UW Health will provide a certificate of insurance to a vendor, contractor, or other entity demonstrating UW Health insurance coverage, if required by contract.

Request for Certificate of Insurance

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If you need assistance resolving concerns about the care and service you receive at UW Health hospitals and clinics, please contact UW Health Patient Relations.