Managed Care Contracting

Connecting with insurers, employers and other health care organizations

The UW Health Managed Care Contracting Department negotiates managed care contracts with insurers, employers and other health care organizations, offering a regional health care system linked to the multiple resources of UW Health.

UW Health holds more than 150 managed care agreements to deliver primary and specialty health care services locally, regionally and nationwide.

UW Health contracts on behalf of:

Please note that contracts may or may not include all the above entities. Please contact your UW Health Managed Care program manager for additional information.


UW Health Orientation Manual

The UW Health Orientation Manual includes information to assist payers in administering their agreements, including descriptions of services and resources available within the UW Health system. It also helps clarify billing practices and payment processes.

When reviewing the enclosed information, please be aware there may be instances in which not programs or providers are included within contractual agreements. Please be sure to check your contract language for additional details or contact your Managed Care program manager. 

These documents are updated annually. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please be advised that information shared in these documents can quickly become outdated.

If you have any questions, please contact UW Health's Managed Care Contracting Department at (608) 828-8603.