Sustainability: Healthy people, healthy planet

To have healthy people, UW Health knows we also need to have a healthy planet. We are committed to providing the best patient care and improved public health without draining natural resources and cutting back on waste.


Beyond UW Health

UW Health will:

  • Prioritize environmental health, safety and social fairness in all communities we serve

  • Reduce the amount and harmfulness of disposed garbage

  • Purchase products that avoid chemicals of concern, improve energy and water usage and improve reduction of garbage

  • Improve energy and water efficiency

  • Pursue renewable energy sources

  • Look for ways to safely manage or get rid of chemicals of concern

  • Provide access to health food and beverage options

  • Reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills

  • Build all new buildings to meet the LEED Gold qualifications

Community partners

Sustainability is a team effort