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Help us enhance patient care and discover urgently needed cures and treatments

Regardless of your reason for thinking of UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, we thank you for considering a financial gift that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Donations make it possible to go beyond excellence to achieve extraordinary levels of:

  • Patient care

  • Groundbreaking medical research

  • Training of our next generation of doctors and other medical professionals

  • Service to our communities

About the UW Foundation

The University of Wisconsin Foundation is the official fundraising and gift-receiving organization for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW Health. You will receive an official receipt of your gift from the UW Foundation.

Nurse wearing a blue surgical face mask
Join UW Health’s COVID-19 response

You can support the remarkable efforts of our caregivers and patients by making a gift to the UW Health COVID-19 Response Fund. Another option is to support our COVID-19 Research Fund, which seeks promising ways to prevent, detect and treat the most unprecedented disease of our lifetime.

Ways to donate

There are many opportunities to give

Areas to support

Your gift will make the biggest impact by quickly meeting emerging needs of UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. Gifts make the patient experience better, support education of nurses and fund cutting edge research.

UW Health Impact Fund

The Greatest Need Fund

The Greatest Need Fund makes it possible for American Family Children’s Hospital to rapidly meet a wide range of needs that enhance the experience for our patients and their families. Because the Greatest Need Fund gives us maximum flexibility to respond to changing circumstances, these unrestricted gifts have the greatest impact.

American Family Children's Hospital Greatest Need Fund

The Child Life Program

The Child Life Program, comprised of certified Child Life Specialists, eases the anxiety kids may have while staying in the hospital to create the most positive experience possible by providing distraction during a medical procedure or using medical play to explain a treatment.

Child Life Program Fund

Care Innovation

Care Innovation develops new clinical programs such as pain management and palliative care to help manage pain and chronic disease and ensure that each patients’ desires for maximum comfort and quality of life are fulfilled.

Fund for Care Innovation

UW Kids Cancer Program

UW Kids Cancer Program supports patient care and research that is developing more effective ways to treat childhood cancer with fewer long-term side effects.

UW Kids Cancer Fund

Child Health Advocacy

Child Health Advocacy helps keep children in our community healthy and safe through programs addressing childhood obesity, school health, early literacy, medical care for LGBTQ youth, child abuse and unintentional injuries.

Child Health Advocacy Fund

Pediatric Research

Pediatric Research funds cutting-edge research led by physician-faculty members in the UW School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Pediatrics that contributes to the health and wellness of children.

Pediatrics Chairman's Discretionary Fund

Patient and Family Support

Patient and Family Support eases the financial and emotional burden of having a child in the hospital by providing free meals, sibling care, medical supplies, financial grants, and gas cards to help with transportation costs.

American Family Children's Hospital Patient and Family Fund

More areas of support

Colon and Rectal Surgery Fund

The Colon and Rectal Surgery Fund, created with gifts from grateful patients, their families, and other friends of the Department, supports the advancement of the colorectal surgery program through research, education, and patient care.

Colon and Rectal Surgery Fund

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Excellence Fund in Care and Research Fund

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Excellence Fund in Care and Research Fund - Gifts to this fund are used to support the care and study of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD).  The most common types of IBD are ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Excellence Fund in Care and Research Fund

UW Liver and Digestive Disease Center Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to support research and education in diseases of the stomach, intestines, and liver.  Major research interests in this areas include small intestinal function and malabsorption, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, disordered swallowing, irritable bowel syndrome, viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, and liver transplant.

UW Liver and Digestive Disease Center Fund

Science of Aging Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to support research and education in diseases related to advanced age and management of conditions specific to aging.  This includes cutting-edge research in several areas including Alzheimer's disease, transitional care, metabolism of aging, and dysphagia (swallowing).

Science of Aging Fund

Division of Vascular Surgery Research and Development Fund

The Division of Vascular Surgery Research and Development Fund supports the Department of Surgery’s Division of Vascular Surgery through the advancement of research, education, and patient care.

Vascular Surgery, Division of Research and Development Fund

Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine Fund

Gifts to this fund are used to support research and education in cardiovascular medicine.  This includes preventing heart disease, understanding and addressing arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), better understanding the biology of the heart and blood vessels, advancing technology in heart imaging, and preventing heart failure.

Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine Fund

Integrative Health Funds

Funds donated to the Integrative Health Fund are used to provide:

  • Our complementary services like massage therapy and acupuncture to patients within the hospital

  • Training and continuing education for our providers

  • Financial assistance for clients

Integrative Medicine Fund


Stress Reduction Program Fund - UW Health Mindfulness Program is committed to improving the health and well-being of all people. Your donations help to support our efforts to expand the reach of our offerings into underserved communities, such as:

  • The development of a mindfulness course to be offered by and for Spanish-speaking teachers and staff within the Madison schools

  • Scholarships to our classes for those who need financial assistance

  • Training for our instructors to support the development of curriculum that is equitable and accessible to diverse populations

Mindfulness Program Fund

You can help support remarkable care at UW Health by supporting nurses. Gifts to this fund provide support continuing education opportunities to nurses throughout UW Health.

General Nurse Education Fund

Donors to this fund help UW Health patients dealing with financial challenges related to their medical conditions. Donations support travel expenses, food assistance and emergency finanical needs.

UW Health Patient Assistance Fund

UW Health Population Health Fund helps make heathcare accessible to all by removing barriers to ensure every member in our community has the opportunity for physical and mental well-being.

UW Health Population Health Fund

Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness Fund - Millions of people complain of sleep problems, from insomnia to excessive daytime sleepiness, from chronic fatigue to irritability associated with unsatisfactory sleep. Common sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are increasing in prevalence and are implicated in diabetes, heart disease, obesity and a number of other chronic illnesses.  Gifts to this fund help address these issues.

Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness Fund

Our UW Health Transplant Fund

We believe that it takes a team to create successful stories like these. Donations to this fund are used in a discretionary manner to support initiatives that work to save more lives through transplantation, to recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty and staff and to further the program’s work as they continue to direct the future of transplantation.

Our UW Health Transplant Fund

Hope meet Gratitude Research Fund

We believe that, through innovation, every patient can have one transplanted organ, and keep it for life. Through research, our team is dedicated to exploring new ways to ensure that every transplanted organ has the best chance of long-term success. Your support will allow us to continue our work to safely minimize medications, develop new tools to address antibody issues and identify unique ways to transplant every donated organ.

Hope, Meet Gratitude Research Fund

Mike Armbrust Transplant Fund

We believe that by providing comprehensive, personalized care that supports every patient’s needs, they will live a long and healthy life. This fund benefits transplant patients and family members at UW Health who need additional financial support for housing or other unexpected expenses related to their transplant.

Mike Armbrust Fund for Transplant Patients and Families

Organ and Tissue Donor Education Fund

We believe that, through education, we can register more organ, tissue and eye donors and eliminate the wait for transplant in Wisconsin. Gifts from this fund are used for education that works to advance knowledge related to organ and tissue donation, increase awareness of organ and tissue donation, and to highlight the importance of registering as an organ, tissue and eye donor.

Organ and Tissue Donor Education Fund

Methods of giving

Other ways to give

In addition to a one-time or monthly gift, you may consider these other ways to give:

American Family Children’s Hospital

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to donate most needed in-kind items for our patients, is to refer to our listed Amazon and Target registries and have the items shipped directly to our hospital.

For any questions, please contact (608) 264-5437 or

To access our AFCH Child Life Amazon online registry, go to the registry page and in the "find a Baby Registry" search bar, enter: "afch." Then select the registry listed as: afch.

If you select this option Amazon makes a donation equal to 0.5 percent of your purchase to our Child Life Department. Go to the Amazon Smile Program and select University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Authority as the charity organization.

To access our Target registry, go to the Target registry page and enter “afch” into the First Name and Last Name field search boxes click on the red "View Registry" button to view our registry items.

Your legacy will live forever with a planned gift

Leaving a legacy can be one of the most fulfilling ways to impact the lives of others for generations to come. Planned giving allows you to designate a portion of your estate to support UW Health and/or the UW School of Medicine and Public Health while making the mark of a lifetime. If you are considering a planned gift, the UW Foundation provides all the information you need to know.

Giving in memory of a friend or loved one

Making a gift in memory of a deceased friend or loved one is an incredibly touching gesture. The family of the deceased will be incredibly appreciative while you will find fulfillment by honoring your friend or loved one in a way that helps others.
If you are writing an obituary for someone who recently died and wish to suggest memorial gifts, we suggest language (which you can modify) such as:

Memorial gifts may be made to support [Name of Department or Program], c/o UW Foundation, U.S. Bank Lockbox, Box 78807, Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807 or

We recognize that when the unexpected happens, you may not have time to make all of the necessary calls before needing to publicize your family's wishes.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Daniel Rosen
UW Foundation
(608) 301-6045

UW Health & UW School of Medicine and Public Health are incredibly grateful for gifts of any size. If you wish to write a check (rather than give online), please make it payable to “University of Wisconsin Foundation” and use the memo area of the check to specify the fund or medical service you wish to support.

Checks can be mailed to:

UW Foundation
U.S. Bank Lockbox
Box 78807
Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807


Events that put the fun in fundraising

Plan Your Fundraiser

There are many ways for community groups and businesses to support UW Health patients and families. Golf outings, school events and neighborhood fundraisers offer fun and creative ways to be active in the community while helping those who need our care.

We’d love to hear ideas how your school or club wishes to raise money to support
American Family Children’s Hospital. All we ask is that you contact us before you begin organizing to be sure your idea is consistent with the values of the Children’s Hospital.

Simply email or call Lori Schultz at or (608) 890-9308. You also will be asked to complete our Fundraising Event Registration Form which should be returned to Lori by email or fax at (608) 265-9650.

Giving back has never been easier

myCarbone makes it simple to fundraise for the UW Carbone Cancer Center. With every event, milestone and celebration, myCarbone is there.

Learn more about myCarbone


Donate your time by volunteering

During “normal” times, volunteers at UW Health play incredibly helpful roles for our patients, family members and visitors.

To ensure the greatest level of patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, we are currently not accepting new volunteer applications.

If you have questions about volunteering in the future, we encourage you to email us at or call (608) 263-6046.

Friends of UW Health Gala Image
Friends of UW Health

Friends of UW Health raises money to ease the financial and emotional burdens of our patients and their family members. From free wigs for cancer patients to hotel rooms for qualifying out-of-town families, Friends has had our patients’ backs for more than 45 years.

Image of CATCH event
Community Around the Children’s Hospital (CATCH)
Community Around the Children's Hospital (CATCH) is a membership-based group of professionals and local advocates making a difference in children's lives. They dedicate their time, talents and energy to collaborate, engage and support American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH).
Emerging Leaders Board
Emerging Leadership Board
The Emerging Leadership Board is a group of dedicated young professionals committed to raising awareness and funds for the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.

Development advisory boards

  • Dave Arnold (Chair)

  • Tim Cleary (Vice Chair)

  • Johanna Allex

  • Andy Barfuss

  • Madonna Binkowski

  • Maury Cotter

  • Joe Dean

  • Walter Dewey

  • Dave Fritz

  • George Gialamas

  • David Hackworthy

  • Kevin Heppner

  • Erik Iverson

  • Dan Kelly

  • Shannon Lory

  • Carolyn MacIver

  • Bruce Neviaser

  • Sue Nicholas Fasciano

  • Andy North

  • Susan Pierce Jacobsen

  • Becky Pinter

  • Katrina Pitas

  • Margaret Pyle

  • Fred Robertson

  • Carol Rosenstock

  • Tommi Thompson

  • Jane Wegenke

  • Jon Wilcox

  • Jay Sekelsky (Chair)

  • Barb Finley (Vice-Chair)

  • Deb Archer

  • Christine Bohnsak

  • Jim Buchheim (Emeritus Chair)

  • Shawn Carlin

  • Candy Embray

  • John Flad (Emeritus Chair)

  • Dave Florin

  • Bradley Fulton

  • Justin Hart

  • Tina Huisman

  • Amy Hegenbarth

  • Rich Lynch (Emeritus Chair)

  • TJ Marini

  • Amy Matsumura

  • Ruthie O'Rourke

  • Barry Richter

  • Victor Rodriguez

  • Jack Salzwedel (Emeritus Chair)

  • John Sims

  • Tom Spitz

  • Rich Steffen

  • Mark Tauscher

  • Sarah Tauscher

  • Theran Welsh

Stories of giving

Learn how others have given

Image of Connie Ott
Stories of giving"The fund I established through an endowment makes it possible for pediatric nurses to keep up with advances in their field. That means ever-improving care for sick children."
Connie Ott, a pediatric nurse for 34 years, whose generous commitment to the next generation of her profession resulted in the Connie Ott Fund in Professional Development for Pediatric Nurses.
Arenas 54676-0654
Stories of giving"I had only days to live because my lungs were about to give out. Dr. James Maloney and the UW Health Transplant team saved my life with a new set of lungs, and there is no end to my family’s deep gratitude."
Tony Arenas, an Oconomowoc, Wisconsin resident, whose family endowed the Anthony J. Arenas Professorship in Lung Transplantation Fund that supports Dr. James Maloney’s trailblazing research

Share your story

Share your experience.

Life-changing experiences happen every day at UW Health. If you or someone you know would like to share your story so others can benefit, please let us know.

Share your story