Exercise/Walking Routes

UW Health employees walking near the West Towne ClinicAs part of UW Health's commitment to our patients and to support a healthy culture for our employees, UW Health Wellness Options at Work created walking routes for our clinics and facilities.


Depending upon your fitness level and time available, choose the walking map that best fits into your day. Walking can do wonderful things for your mind, body and soul.


Instead of sitting in a reception area waiting for your loved one, embrace this opportunity to add some physical activity to your day.


Why Walk?


Ten Reasons to Start Walking


Location Routes (pdf)
1 S. Park Clinic Outdoor routes • Indoor route
20 S. Park Clinic Outdoor routes • Indoor route
1102 S. Park Half-mile route • 1-mile route • 2-mile route
8007, 8501 Excelsior and 1212 Deming Routes
Administrative Office Building Half-mile route • 1-mile route • 2-mile route
Administrative Services Building Routes
Alumni Hall Half-mile route • 1.5-mile route • 2.7-mile route
American Family Children's Hospital Route
Beaver Dam Clinic 1-mile route • 1.7-mile route
Belleville Clinic 0.6-mile route
Cottage Grove Clinic 0.64-mile route • 1.61-mile route
Cross Plains Clinic 1-mile route • 2-mile route • 3-mile route
DeForest-Windsor Clinic Route
Digestive Health Center Route
East Clinic Routes
Fitchburg Clinic 1-mile route • 2-mile route • 3-mile route
Fort Atkinson Clinic 1-mile route • 2.5-mile route • 3-mile route
Home Health Services, Middleton Routes
Mount Horeb Clinic 1-mile route • 2-mile route
Northeast Family Medical Center 1-mile route • 2-mile route
Odana Atrium Clinic 1-mile route • 2-mile route
Oregon Clinic 1-mile route • 2-mile route
Pharmacy Services Building

1.35-mile route • 1.75-mile route

PSC - Whitney Way Routes
Portage Clinic 0.6-mile route • 1.7-mile route

Psychiatric Institute and Clinic


Rehabilitation Clinic, Middleton


Research Park Clinic

Stoughton Clinic Half-mile route • 1-mile route • 2-mile route
Sun Prairie Clinic 1-mile route • 2.5-mile route
UW Health at The American Center Outdoor route • Indoor route
Union Corners Clinic 0.7-mile route • 2-mile route
University Hospital (outdoor) 2-mile route • 2.5-mile route • 3-mile route
University Hospital and Schools (indoor) Route
University Station Clinic Routes
Verona Clinic Half-mile route • 1-mile route • 2-mile route
West Clinic Routes
West Towne Clinic Routes
Yahara Clinic Half-mile route • 1-mile route • 2-mile route