Addiction services: Providing hope and healing for substance use disorder

We offer people hope and healing with resources, programs and services for adults and adolescents. They’re designed to help you better understand drug and alcohol use and give you the tools to deal with them.

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We recognize that each person’s challenges with substance use are unique. We look at your situation closely. We give you the help you need to face addiction and mental health issues head-on.

Behavioral Health and Recovery Clinic

Our Behavioral Health and Recovery Clinic located in Madison, Wis. helps young people and adults who are beginning their recovery. The program focuses on each person’s strengths and resiliency and invites family involvement. This is an outpatient service.

We offer a comprehensive array of services designed to help you and your family begin the journey of recovery from chemical dependency and mental illness. Services are individualized to meet your unique needs, and encourage family involvement. We focus and build on the strengths and resilience of you, your family and the community.

All of our services begin with a confidential assessment designed to explore and understand the nature of your concerns and recommend the best course of treatment. Culturally informed and sensitive practice is at the core of all of our services. Recognizing and valuing differences is crucial to providing services that ensure the success of all people.

Our adult and adolescent programs and services include:

  • The intensive outpatient program is designed to provide an intense level of care that successfully interrupts the addictive process and introduces you to recovery. A morning and evening track is offered to provide maximum access.

  • Less intensive group and individual counseling services

  • Gender-specific problem focus groups

  • Services for women are provided by therapists with extensive experience in addressing the needs and issues faced by women in treatment and recovery

  • Services for those new to treatment and recovery are ultimately rewarding but can be challenging and frightening in the beginning. The early recovery groups allow you to explore your substance use in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

  • Adolescent services include a comprehensive assessment that encourages the participation of the adolescent's parent or caregiver. Education groups provide information about substance use and recovery for young people. Additional separate groups for boys and girls allow them to explore their specific needs and the challenges they face.

  • Other groups and services include relapse prevention groups, groups for court-involved individuals including OWI, ongoing recovery groups, urine drug screens and the coordination of care not provided by the UW Health Behavioral Health and Recovery Clinic

  • After-care services for patients who have completed primary treatment or a higher level of care

The UW Health Compass Program is a low barrier program that offers medications for opioid use disorder (buprenorphine/Suboxone and extended-release naltrexone/Vivitrol) and addresses other substance-related health concerns. We also help patients connect with necessary community and health care resources. The program is grant funded and provides financial assistance to uninsured patients to cover the cost of clinic visits, some labs and medications.

Program hours

  • Tuesdays and Fridays: 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

Walk-ins welcome on Tuesday and Fridays from 8–11 a.m., no appointment needed. Patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. New patients welcome.


  • Medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) including buprenorphine (Suboxone), extended-release buprenorphine (Sublocade) and extended-release naltrexone (Vivitrol)

  • Basic wound care services

  • Vaccinations, hepatitis screening and treatment and sexual health services

  • Peer mentorship and support

  • Assistance applying for health insurance and public benefits

  • Connection to case management resources

  • Transportation assistance

Behavioral Health Youth and Family

UW Health Behavioral Health Youth and Family located in Madison, Wis. is a collaboration between UW Health and the Dane County Department of Human Services. We provide substance use screenings, assessments, brief intervention, dual-diagnosis treatment and referral services for eligible youth and their families.

  • Providing a confidential supportive environment for teens and families to explore concerns

  • Intervening before concerns or problems become unmanageable

  • Offering teens information about alcohol and drugs

  • Providing tools for teens to make healthy decisions

  • Helping build motivation for change when change is needed

  • Connecting teens and families with appropriate community resources

Assessments take place over four meetings, about once a week for an hour. Parents attend the first and final sessions with their teen. The purpose of the assessment is to:

  • Identify strengths (what is going well) and risks (areas of concern)

  • Determine the level of current or past alcohol or drug involvement

  • Identify any related problems

We explore family relationships, peer influences, academic issues and mental health concerns. When appropriate, recommendations for further services such as counseling or treatment are discussed with the teen and family.

Our outcome studies consistently show that both teens and their parents report a high level of satisfaction with our services. Nine out of 10 teens who start an Behavioral Health Youth and Family assessment successfully complete the process. At three-month outcome follow-up, teens reported significant reductions in alcohol and drug use and related problems, as well as increased rates of abstinence.

Parents, teachers, physicians - anyone with questions or concerns about a teenager's alcohol or drug use - can take the first step by calling Behavioral Health Youth and Family. We provide assessments for Dane County adolescents up to age 18, and youth who are still in high school or an HSED/GED program up to age 21.

SOLARAS program

The SOLARAS Program available in Rockford, Ill. provides individuals with screening, outreach, connection and referral to medication-assisted treatment clinics and other support services to overcome drug addiction. Funding is provided in whole or in part by the State of Illinois Department of Human Services. Call (779) 696-4447 to find out how we can help.

Conditions and treatments

Care for your unique needs

We tailor your care to meet your needs. Not all programs, treatments and services are available at all locations.

Our services

  • Intensive outpatient level of care

  • Connections to appropriate community resources 

  • Coordination of care with other providers

  • Education and information about drugs, alcohol and mental health

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Specialized services including groups for women and relapse prevention

  • Medication for opiate use disorder

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Our specialists include an addiction psychiatrist to help with your medication management needs, in addition to dedicated licensed therapists who provide dual diagnosis treatment.

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We partner with your primary care provider to provide services and resources.

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