Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. is jointly owned by UW Health, Gundersen Health System and UnityPoint Health.


The company manages four nationally recognized, provider-sponsored health insurance plans: Gundersen Health Plan, Inc., Gundersen Health Plan Minnesota, Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation and Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation. This unique collaboration between health plans and health care providers creates a smarter, more efficient and accessible system of health care. Quartz also provides services for self-funded health benefit programs.


A local leader in health and wellness, Quartz features:

  • Nationally top-rated health plans
  • Access to the world-class physicians and specialists of UW Health
  • Leadership in health and wellness
  • Support for local health initiatives
  • Exceptional customer service to our members
  • Rewards for living a healthy lifestyle

Quartz has offices in Onalaska, Middleton, Madison and Sauk City, Wisconsin, offering community-based health care and services to 350,000+ customers in southern and western Wisconsin, parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.


Quartz Health Solutions, Inc., Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation, Gundersen Health Plan, Inc., Gundersen Health Plan Minnesota, Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation, Gundersen Health System, UnityPoint Health and UW Health are separate legal entities.