The UW Health Surgical Weight Management Program works with patients to lose weight safely, restore health and improve quality-of-life. To better serve patients we now offer both surgical and non-surgical (medical) options for weight management.


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Bariatric Surgery FAQ


Bariatric Surgery FAQs

Answers to your questions about eligibility, the procedures and insurance.

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Bariatric Surgery Success Stories


Patient Success Stories

See how bariatric surgery turned around the lives of our patients.

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Bariatric Surgery


Start Your Journey

Take the first step to start living your best life.

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Meet Our Team

The experts at UW Health work together to help you achieve your goals. Meet the and learn how each plays a unique role in your journey.


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UW Health Bariatrics

Non-Surgical Options

Not everyone is ready or a good candidate for bariatric surgery. We offer non-surgical weight-loss options for these patients. Learn more about our medical weight management options.


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Bariatric Cooking Classes

Learn how to prepare for the post-op diet with hands-on classes in UW Health's Learning Kitchen. On the menu are simple dishes that are affordable and full of flavor.


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Nine Things You Can Do Today

What you can do now to help make your weight loss surgery successful.


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 Paper Dolls image; Emotional Eating Group

Emotional Eating Group

This four-week group is dedicated to helping patients overcome the roadblocks that may prevent them from achieving their goals for a healthier lifestyle.


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UW Health Bariatrics clinics and phone numbers


UW Health Bariatrics support groups


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