Weight loss (Bariatric) Surgery

After helping others with weight loss, Nadia has surgery to help her on her own journey

Nadia Hookham after weight loss surgery, smiling outside.
Nadia after bariatric surgery.

As Director of Surgical Specialty Clinics at UW Health (including the Bariatric Surgery program) Nadia Hookham sees firsthand how patients have significantly improved their lives after endless battles with diets.

Nadia, 41, has struggled to lose weight for the last 20 years, frequently experiencing the common “yo-yo diet” effect of seeing the weight come off and then return. Maybe, she thought, it was time to explore bariatric surgery for herself.

“I was looking for another tool that could help me,” Nadia says. “From my work with the Bariatric Surgery team, I also knew about some of my bad habits, such as eating what was fast and convenient, or drinking a lot of soda,” Nadia says.

Nadia Hookham
Nadia, before bariatric surgery.

Her first consultation with Dr. Michael Garren was in early 2022, followed by 8 months of classes and clinic visits with UW Health surgeons, advanced practice providers, health psychologists and dietitians.

“That’s when I learned how to listen to my body and become mindful about what and when I ate,” Nadia says. “I gave up coffee and soda, and learned the importance of planning meals ahead. I also learned how to slow down at mealtime and really enjoy the food.”

Married with two teenagers, Nadia lost about 60 pounds between her first clinic visit and surgery, which Dr. Garren performed in August 2022. She shed another 40 pounds since then, making her 100 pounds lighter than her all-time high just one year earlier.

“Nadia embraced the team and the program right from the start,” says Dr. Garren. “She really has been a star patient and it’s wonderful to see her doing so well.”