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Specialized care for advanced lung disease

Some lung conditions can’t be cured. However, they can be treated. At UW Health, we bring comfort and hope to patients facing advanced lung disease.

Advanced Lung Disease Program

We help people with serious lung conditions have the best possible quality of life.

The program was designed for people with lung diseases, including:

  • Cystic fibrosis 

  • Emphysema 

  • Lung cancer 

  • Primary and secondary pulmonary hypertension 

  • Pulmonary fibrosis 

  • Pulmonary thromboembolic disease

Services offered by the Advanced Lung Disease Program include:

  • Second opinions 

  • Evaluation and diagnosis 

  • Medical and surgical treatments 

  • Close follow-up care in partnership with your primary care doctor

  • The latest care advances that grow out of our research

Through our research and clinical trials, we look for better ways to diagnose lung disease and improve treatment options. Our research areas include: 

  • Critical care medicine, including adult respiratory distress syndrome 

  • Immunologic and hypersensitivity lung diseases, including asthma, sarcoidosis and interstitial fibrosis

  • Respiratory failure due to COPD and neuromuscular disease

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Care where you need it

We have a number of lung health clinics in Madison and the surrounding area. Several offer specialized services.

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    Experts dedicated to your lung health and breathing

    Our lung doctors have expertise in all types of pulmonary conditions and breathing disorders. They work together with surgeons, researchers, rehabilitation specialists and others to help you get the best possible care.

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