A good night’s sleep should be more than just a sweet dream

Getting enough sleep doesn’t just leave you feeling refreshed. It plays a vital role in keeping you well.

Research shows that ongoing sleep disorders can play a part in many health problems. Among them are heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cancer and depression. 

Wisconsin Sleep at UW Health specializes in helping adults and children get the sleep they need. We diagnose sleep disorders using the latest technology. We also offer the most up-to-date therapies to treat them.

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Conditions and treatments

Bringing better sleep to adults and children

Sleep Disorders

  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

  • Excessive sleepiness and narcolepsy

  • Insomnia

  • Parasomnias

  • Restless legs syndrome and other sleep-related movement disorders

  • Sleep apnea

  • Snoring

  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

  • Excessive wakefulness at night

  • Head banging, body rocking and head rolling

  • Insomnia

  • Narcolepsy

  • Night terrors

  • Sleep walking

  • Nightmares

  • Restless legs syndrome

  • Sleep apnea

  • Sleep-disordered breathing

  • Sleeping too much (hypersomnia)

  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)


Treatment is personalized based on your sleep problem. In some cases, lifestyle or behavior changes are enough to help you sleep better. In others, doctors may recommend medication or counseling. Sometimes a combination is needed.

When you’re dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, use of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is often recommended. A CPAP device blows air into your mouth and/or nose to keep your airway open during sleep. Other sleep apnea treatments are available as well.

Our team works with you to find the treatment that will work best for your situation.

Patient story

Quinn’s sleep nightmare ended when he came to Wisconsin Sleep

Nighttime was never pleasant for Quinn or his parents. That changed when he was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea at Wisconsin Sleep. Finally, he got the help he needed.

Watch Quinn's story

Programs and services

Guiding your road to relief

Primary care providers can treat many sleep problems. When they think you’ll benefit from further evaluation, they’ll refer you to us. We also see people who suspect they have sleep apnea.

We recommend that you contact your health plan prior to your appointment to see if they have referral or preauthorization requirements.

Clinic appointments

Your first clinic visit will take about an hour. We match you to a provider best suited for your needs. In many cases, the provider will recommend an in-lab or at-home sleep study to make a diagnosis. The tests are noninvasive and painless. You’ll receive your results by phone or mail within a few days.

Home sleep studies

In some cases, home sleep studies can help diagnose sleep apnea. We provide the equipment and instructions on how to use it.

Watch this video about home sleep studies

In-lab sleep studies

In-lab studies take place overnight or during an eight- to 10-hour period during the day. Our lab features 14 private sleep study suites. Each suite has a full-size bed, flat-screen television and private bathroom. Children’s suites have a second bed to accommodate a parent or guardian.


Meet our team

We have a sweet dream team

The doctors, advanced practice providers and sleep lab technicians at Wisconsin Sleep have years of experience dealing with sleep disorders. They’ll meet with you to review your symptoms, order and discuss your sleep study and develop a treatment plan just for you.

Our providers


The comforts of home with the latest technology

Our main sleep medicine clinic and the sleep laboratory are located in the comfortable surroundings of Wisconsin Sleep on Madison’s west side. We also have a clinic that operates out of UW Health at The American Center.

  • Wisconsin Sleep
    • 6001 Research Park Blvd. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 232-3333
    • Open now
    • At Wisconsin Sleep, we offer the latest diagnostic and treatment methods for adults and children experiencing serious sleep disorders. Out goal is help you be your best at home, work, school or play.

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  • UW Health at The American Center - Sleep Medicine
    • 4602 Eastpark Blvd. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 232-3333
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  • UW Health Specialty Clinic - Fort Atkinson - Sleep Medicine
    • 611 Sherman Ave East / Fort Atkinson, WI
    • (920) 568-6567
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Patient and support services

More resources to help

These resources may help you learn more about sleep disorders and our services at Wisconsin Sleep. 

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