Nazi Khan, MD, FCCP, FAASM

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Nazi Khan, MD


Nazi Khan, MD, is a UW Health sleep medicine doctor and a clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in the Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. In addition, Dr. Khan is a fellow member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American College of Chest Physicians.

Dr. Khan diagnoses and treats people with a wide range of sleep disorders. She treats sleep apnea (when breathing stops repeatedly during sleep due to blocked airways or brain signal issues), insomnia (the inability to fall or stay asleep) and narcolepsy and hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness). She also cares for people with parasomnia (talking, walking or eating during sleep), night terrors (waking suddenly in a terrified state) and REM sleep behavior disorder (physically acting out dreams).

During office visits, Dr. Khan listens closely to her patients’ concerns. She explains their diagnoses in terms that are easy to understand. She works to help each patient feel safe and comfortable, as if they are members of her own family.

During her free time, Dr. Khan enjoys traveling around the world and cooking all types of food, including Middle Eastern, Italian and American food.

It’s a true honor to take care of people, help them feel better and successfully manage their sleep disorders.

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  • Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan
  • University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison, WI
  • University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison, WI
  • University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison, WI

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