Quadruped Trunk Rotation

The Quadruped Trunk Rotation is a good stretching exercise for the back and spine.


To perform the stretch, start in Quadruped position, knees under hips, hands under shoulders.  Think about your neck and spine being long. Top of your head pointing forward, face parallel to floor.


Keep in mind while you are performing the stretch:

  • Modify the range of motion (how far you reach each direction) as needed to avoid overstretching for your body
  • You can perform a set of  6- 10 on each side, or alternate right left.
Quadruped Trunk Rotation Stand tall, with your weight on your left leg. Raise both arms overhead for greater challenge.

Quadruped Trunk Rotation

Exhale and reach your right hand under you as shown
Quadruped Trunk Rotation Inhale and draw your hand out, reaching up toward the ceiling. Let your head/gaze follow your hand.