Programs and research

A holistic approach

The UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center is one of the original comprehensive cancer centers in the country as designated by the National Cancer Institute and the only one in Wisconsin.

We have been a leader in shaping how the world understands cancer. Our research has helped revolutionize more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Here, you will have access to the nation’s top experts who will be with you every step of your journey.

UW Health also includes the UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center Rockford, which gives patients the benefit of accessing a wide range of outpatient services at one convenient location including radiation oncology, medical imaging and cancer rehabilitation.

A history of innovation

A history of research

The UW Carbone Cancer Center was the first cancer research center founded by a university in the United States. With a long history of research that dates back nearly a century, the Carbone Cancer Center has been at the forefront of advancing our understanding of cancer prevention and care.

Our researchers and physicians work together to translate discoveries in the lab to treatments in the clinic. From bone marrow transplant to Mohs surgery, immunotherapy to chemoprevention, many of the innovations from our labs have gone on to become a standard form of cancer treatment across the world.

Our partnerships

We are part of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, one of the top 30 cancer centers in the U.S. Our regional and state partnerships include the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium, the Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board and Wisconsin Community Advisory Board. We are accredited by the Commission on Cancer. Through collaboration we can bring personalized care to more individuals in more communities, helping to improve our understanding of cancer while reducing the barriers to care.

Clinical trials

At any one time, there are hundreds of active cancer clinical trials at the UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center. Through the research and collaboration with partners across the state, the U.S. and even the world, patients have access to new and novel treatments and interventions that can improve the lives of others.

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Specialized cancer services

Our team offers special services to support you throughout your cancer care and recovery.

Your genetic makeup can impact your risk of developing cancer. Understanding that risk can be lifesaving. Our oncology genetic counselors offer personalized genetic risk assessments to people with a personal or family history of cancer.

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A healthy diet can help you manage symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. Our dietitians offer individualized nutrition plans for you and your family.

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During cancer treatment, you may need extra support. At UW Health, we offer special programs to help you feel your best. Women who have had breast cancer surgery may benefit from CareWear. We also have a Wig Salon for those who experience hair loss due to cancer treatment.

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There’s more to cancer care than medications and surgery. We also offer integrative health services like acupuncture, mindfulness for stress reduction and massage therapy. These services are available to inpatients as well as on an outpatient basis.

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Reimagining healthcare

Opening in 2024, Eastpark Medical Center is not just a new facility, but a new way to deliver health care. Patients will receive state-of-the-art cancer care all in one place. With multiple specialists and services under one roof, patients can receive the personalized care they expect in a facility designed just for them.

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Dr. Howard Bailey

Experts at the UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center intimately understand every type of cancer. We will get to know you and design a treatment plan that works for you and your family.

Dr. Howard Bailey
Director, UW Carbone Cancer Center

Conditions and treatments

Expertise in all cancer types

Our experts have seen and treated nearly every type of cancer. We bring together a team from across many different specialties to ensure you're receiving personalized care for your unique needs.

Cancers we treat

Our specialists treat a variety of cancers affecting different types of blood cells, such as:

Our doctors work quickly to identify blood cancers so treatment can begin sooner.

The UW Health Brain Tumor Center is a leader in the diagnosis, research and treatment of patients with brain tumors.

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Our expert team of doctors and other healthcare professionals cares for more than 1,030 new breast cancer patients and more than 4,500 survivors each year.

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UW Health provides personalized care to individuals with cancer found in the tissues of the endocrine system; the glands of the body that produce hormones. These include the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands.

Cancers affecting the urinary system and genitals may cause particularly distressing symptoms. We bring together a variety of specialists to meet your specific needs by treating several types of genitourinary cancers:

We offer many treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and minimally invasive surgery for genitourinary cancers.

UW Health provides personalized care to women with various types of gynecological cancers like:

We also assist with any other concerns you may have regarding gynecological cancer treatment, such as family planning.

The UW Head and Neck Cancer Program and the Carbone Cancer Center bring together specialists from a variety of disciplines to provide innovative and effective treatment for patients with head and neck cancers.

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Lung cancer is the most common type of thoracic cancer but also includes cancers of other organs within the chest. Your care team may include thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical oncologists.

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UW Health’s pediatric cancer specialists at American Family Children’s Hospital and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center provide state-of-the-art care for many forms of childhood cancer, including:

We care for infants, children and adolescents with cancer, hematological, neurocutaneous and immunological disorders.

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Sarcomas are cancers in the connective tissue of the body, including the bone, cartilage, fat, muscle and blood vessels. Our team of orthopedic surgeons, gynecologic oncologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists work together to provide the best possible care.

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Our team of dermatologists, surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists work together to provide the most comprehensive care for patients with melanomas of the skin and eye.

Advanced cancer treatments

There are several components to taking care of cancer patients. From surgery to radiation, chemotherapy to immunotherapy, you'll have access to the latest treatments available.

Radiation therapy

UW Health offers some of the most advanced radiation treatments available. Sometimes radiation is used as the only treatment. Other times it can be combined with surgery and/or chemotherapy. As a leader in the development of radiation therapies, patients will have access to state-of-the-art treatments available at only a few centers across the country.

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Immunotherapy triggers your immune system to attack and kill cancer cells. Many immunotherapies are offered only through clinical trials. Others are approved for treatment outside of clinical trials. CAR T-cell therapy for aggressive lymphoma is one type of immunotherapy offered at UW Health.

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Bone marrow transplants replace stem cells damaged by cancer or cancer treatments. They are sometimes called stem cell transplants.

At UW Health, we offer transplants from a donor with a specific protein marker that closely matches yours. These are called allogeneic stem cell transplants. We also perform transplants where we harvest your healthy blood stem cells and return them to you. This is called an autologous transplant.

We also perform double umbilical cord blood transplants which require two units of donated umbilical cord blood for a successful adult transplant.

Our Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) program is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT).

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Chemotherapy is the name of a group of drugs that destroy cancer cells. Used to cure cancer or prevent cancer from returning, chemotherapy can slow down cancer growth and control cancer symptoms.

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Surgery may be recommended to prevent, diagnose, stage or treat cancer.

  • Preventive surgery — Surgery to remove tissue or organs that could become cancerous. Preventive surgery may be recommended following a cancer screening or genetic risk assessment. 

  • Diagnostic surgery (biopsy) — Surgery to diagnose cancer. During a biopsy, doctors remove tissue and evaluate it in the laboratory.

  • Staging surgery — Surgery that helps your doctors to determine how far cancer has spread.

  • Treatment surgery — Surgery to remove all or part of your cancer. 

At UW Health, we offer minimally invasive, robotic and traditional surgical options. Minimally invasive surgery requires smaller incisions. This speeds recovery time.


Nationally recognized cancer care and research

We offer advanced cancer treatments in Madison, South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We also provide some clinical trials through our regional clinics and Wisconsin oncology network. Our providers are recognized leaders in developing new cancer treatments and drugs, vaccines and clinical trials.

For appointments

If you would like to contact the UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center in Madison, Wis. for a second opinion or to make a new patient appointment, please complete our contact form.

For appointments at the UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center Rockford, please call (779) 696-9400.

For appointments at any of our other locations, please call the clinic directly.

Meet our team

A specialized team focused on you

Our team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers are here to give you the care and treatment you need during every phase of your cancer journey.

Your cancer care team may include:

  • Advanced practice providers

  • Cancer surgeons

  • Hematologists and medical oncologists

  • Nutritionists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Oncology pharmacist

  • Pain management specialists

  • Pathologists

  • Physical therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Radiation oncologists and technologists

  • Radiologists

  • Researchers

  • Social workers

  • Speech therapists

Medical oncology and hematology
Radiation oncology
Gynecologic oncology
Surgical oncology
Palliative Care
Pediatric hematology and oncology

UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center Rockford

Offering a wide range of outpatient services at one convenient location, UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center Rockford brings cancer expertise close to home.

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Patient stories

Cancer patient and UW Health nurse supervisor in the radiation oncology clinic

There are amazing, amazing things happening in the cancer world. Things are changing, new treatments are coming and it's just exciting to be a part of that.

Shari Ruesga
Cancer patient and UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center radiation oncology clinic nurse supervisor

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