Donors and Gifts to the UW Carbone Cancer Center: 2011


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The University of Wisconisn Carbone Cancer Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in Wisconsin, would like to thank all donors who help our organization maintain its leading role in innovative research initiatives, compassionate cancer care and education for the public and health care professionals.


Donors listed are from July 1, 2010 through December 31, 2011.


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$1,000 - $9,999 


Ronald E. and Sonja A. Ahlert
Ajvaz And Ramiza Inc.
Robert A. and M. Carol Alt
American Family Insurance Group
Patrick A. and Lorie L. Anderson
Sally E. Anderson
Thomas P. Anderson
Sandra L. Armstrong
Dean J. Arnold
Arthur M. Arveson
Ashcourt Family Foundation Inc.
Paul C. Aspinwall
Susan Atkinson
Mark L. Attanasio
Axley Brynelson LLP
Douglas A. and Diana Backus
Badger Jim Beam Club
Nancy K. Baillies
Baird Foundation
Robert W. Baird and Co. Inc.
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP
James J. and Susan Bakke
Diane K. Ballweg
Kenneth J. Ballweg
Barneveld School District
Susan L. Bausch
Dennis J. Bayorgeon
BC Golf Rally
H. William Becker
Susan M. Becker
Allan L. and Paulette J. Beerkircher
Ronald E. Behling
Ross E. Behling
Ryan E. Behling
Bella Salon
Paul J. Beranek
Niles and Linda W. Berman
Norman L. Berven and Barbara Mittelstaedt
Robert J. and Donna G. Betzig
Sandra S. Bilgri
Karen M. Bilitz
Debra Blegen
Richard J. and Carolyn M. Blum
Michael M. and Bonnie J. Bogen
Eugene M. Bohlmeyer
Oscar C. Boldt
Anne W. Bolz
Richard A. and Sally F. Bond
Lori A. Borth
Roswell K. and Luella F. Boutwell
William C. and Judith A. Braucht
Alan J. Bridges
Estate of Raymond R. Brown
Robert W. and Susan T. Brown
John B. Brugger
Paul J. and Debra A. Bruins
Stuart B. and Mary T. Buchholtz
Kathryn M. Bullon
Deborah G. Burgess
Frank E. Burgess
John P. and Tania Burke
Cactus Ranch
Campbell Scientific Inc.
Candy Hut of Ohio Ltd.
Joseph M. Caparula and Kristine J. Westra
Capitol View Events LLC
Paul P. Carbone, MD Memorial Foundation
Mary Carbone
Charles R. Carpenter
William F. and Louise W. Carr
Donald F. Carrig
Virginia L. Cashbaugh
Michael A. Cavataio
Peter H. and Erica G. Christman
Linda L. Clark
Ronald T. and Sandra E. Clark
Cleary Building Corporation
Coca Cola Bottling Co-Madison
Marcus and Sheila T. Cohen
Comprehensive Computer Consulting
Conner Strong Companies Inc.
James R. Connor
Timothy J. and Anne M. Connor
Mark A. and Kristine K. Corey
Maribeth A. Cousin
Credit Union Executives Society
Gerald M. and Kay E. Cullen
Cuna Mutual Group
DAH Golf Memorial Fund
Patrick M. and Kathryn A. Daly
Dane County Title Company Inc.
Peter G. Davis
DeForest Area High School
John R. Dedrick, III
Dentistry For Madison
Department of Wisconsin Ladies Auxiliary VFW
Walter E. and Londa J. Dewey
Kenneth H. and Shoshana R. Dichter
John A. Dickens and Nancy S. Schmidt-Dickens
Discoverer's Fund Inc.
William K. and Jo A. Doppstadt
Charles E. and Joan M. Dorgan
William F., Sr. and Alexandra S. Dove
Jack D. and Julie A. Doyle
Harold G. Drecktrah
Jack A. and Carla F. Dumke
Fritz Durst Insurance
Stephen W. and Melanie A. Dvorak
Edgewood High School
Charles H. Eis
Michael G. Elliott
Donald D. and Susan S. Emerich
Jane Enge
John T. V. and Gloria J. Etter
Exact Sciences
Audrey B. Falk
Family Entertainment Group LLC
Gordon T. and Judith R. Faulkner
Richard and Elizabeth S. Fayram
Fred Fenster
Russell G. and Janet E. Ferris
Robert T. Fey
Ronald R. and Joanne M. Fiedler
Kirt Fiegel Family Foundation
V. Kirt and Dixie L. Fiegel
Gerald F. and Penny M. Fink
Dennis D. and Linda J. Finnigan
Avis E. Fisher
Lisa J. Fitzgerald
John J. and Coleen M. Flad
Robert W. and Angela K. Flannery
Marshall E. and Lisa J. Flax
Gerald N. Flemma
Food Fight Inc.
Donna G. Fox
Frank Liquor Company Group
Frazer Consultants LLC
Rebecca A. Frederick
Marvin J. Freedman
Gabe's Construction Company Inc.
Gregory M. and Cheryl J. Gallina
Gerks Brewers Trip
C. Daniel and Margaret P. Geisler
Gialamas Co. Inc.
Margaret L. Gierke
Matthew W. and Kari L. Giesfeldt
James G., Jr. and Kim M. Gilmore
William R. and Julie B. Gladbach
Matthew R. and Sarah J. Gonnering
John C. Gould, III
Grand Chapter OES of Wisconsin
Mary F. Granger
Judith N. Green
R. Bruce and Diane Griffith
Olga Grkavac
Harriet E. Grzymkowski
Paul A. and Elaine L. Gullickson
David A. and Amie P. Hackworthy
Patricia A. Hackworthy
John A. and Margaret A. Haider
Glenice Y. Halfman
Frank A. Hallada, Sr.
William A. and Patricia J. Halvorson
Jon D. and Ann Hammes
Lewis P. and Lorraine H. Hanson
Paul M. and Sarah H. Harari
Wendell A. and Elaine C. Harker
Floyd G., Jr. and Joan R. Harris
Gerald and Christine Hart
Forrest D. Hartmann
Veronica D. Hearty
H. Edward and Kristine Heckman
Richard A. Heim
Philip J. and Elizabeth L. Hendrickson
Willard J. and Dolores M. Henken
Kevin R. and Anja M. Heppner
Keith G. Hernke
James W. Hill
Ho Chunk Casino & Bingo
Ho-Chunk Nation
Kenneth L. and Shirley F. Hojnacki
Dennis E. and Susan J. Holewinski
Gregory C. and Lynne C. Hopkins
William R. and Susan L. Hotz
Debra H. Houden
James L. and Cindy L. Hoyt
Philipp L. Hunkel Memorial Research Fund
Elayne J. Hurd
James E. Hutchison
Tory M. Hutchison
Don F. and Elisabeth F. Jabas
Mark K. Jackson
Jacobson Rost
Robert M. Janoski
Todd K. and Elizabeth A. Jindra
Fred B. Johnson
Thomas J. Johnson and Kathryn A. McGinley-Johnson
Dave Jones Plumbing & Heating
Joan T. Jones
Kent E. and Sandra G. Joranlien
David H. and Jean Juedes
Martin R. and Rita J. Kades
Michael Kalan Memorial Fund
Kim G. and Margo M. Kalepp
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Donna Katen-Bahensky
Arnold W. Kehrli
Scott E. Kelly
Terence F. and Mary W. Kelly
John A. Kidwell
Thomas C. and Barbara N. Kilgore
Sally J. Killoran
Henry J., Jr. and Nancy E. Kirby
Thomas K. Kirk
David W. Knoche
James D. and Dolores S. Kohn
Kevin R. Kozak
Louise A. Kratochwill
Donald L. and Joanne A. Krause
Karl D. and Jennifer S. Krug
Caroline E. Kubicki
Louise N. Kubista
Kris D. and Penelope L. Kubly
Eldora R. Kundert
Joan H. F. Kuypers
Robert M. and Candace L. LaMacchia
Last Coast Producing
Richard A. and Nancy Latta
Tiger Lee
Leeds Charity Fund
Joanne E. Leveque
Irving E. Levy
Marvin J. Levy
Roderick S. and Jacqueline M. Leyden
Kurt Y. Lin and Diane M. Reeber Lin
Mary J. Lloyd
Lodi Women's Club Inc.
Willis F. Long
Thomas C. and Sandra A. Lother
Estate of Lucille Lubner
Sam J. and Meghan G. Lubner
Wayne P. and Terese M. Lubner
Patricia A. Ludvigson
Donna D. Luessman
M. G. R. Foundation
M3 Insurance Solutions For Business
Gregory A. and Judy A. Mac Donald
Kay C. Mackesey
Madison Curling Club
Madison Family Dental Assoc SC
Madison Metropolitan School District
Ernest L. and Helen H. Madsen
Magnum Communications Inc.
Mahers Halfway Leprechaun Leap
Nathan L. and Katherine L. Mahr
Mark Malecki
Dennis L. and Barbara M. Manthei
Marshall Middle School
Marsicek Family Cookbook
Eugene F. Mayernick
Joseph D. McCormick
Richard S. and Janice M. McCormick
George E. and Karen McCown
McGoff LLC
Sharon McPike
Margaret J. Merdler
Michael Best & Friedrich
Judith A. Miller
Agnes Moore
Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.
Cynthia J. Morgan
Charles and Carolyn Mowbray
Kurt F. and Annette K. Mueller
John A. Mullen
Martha L. Muller
Municipal Design And Environmental Services
Bernice A. Muth
National Guardian Life Insurance Co.
Michelle A. Neises
T. R. Nelson Inc.
Cory L. M. and Michelle S. Nettles
Emily B. Nissley
James W. Norman
North Country Business Product
Patrick W. and Amaria N. O'Leary
Michael J. and Joni L. Oliphant
Robert D. and Lois A. Olson
Nancy P. Orbison
Oregon School District
Peter P. and Artie L. Orlik
Estate of Jean M. Orvold
Oshkosh Invitational Golf Tournament
William N. Pappano and Kelly L. Cotter
Edward W. and Judy A. Peirick
Ken J. and Susan M. Pelatzke
Janice D. Pennau
Merle L. and Barbara Perkins
Piggly Wiggly Of Waunakee Inc.
Steven M. Pine
Steve Pink Woodworking
Steven M. and Rebecca J. Pink
Mary Plaisance
Nicholas P. and Carol A. Pollis
Poynette Curling Club
Charles C. and Catharine F. Prestigiacomo
Frederick J. Proessel
Protect The Package LLC
Thomas F. Pyle, Jr.
Quarles and Brady LLP
Scott A. and Virginia L. Ransom
Richard J. Rau
Brenda M. Ray
Herbert L. Reif
Todd M. Reimer
Ann M. Reise
Carl G. Richter
Joan T. Richtsmeier
Mark A. and Karla S. Ritter
Richard P. and Nancy J. Roloff
Jeffrey S. Rosenberg
Steve P. Ross
Thomas J. and Genie Rostad
Rotter Family Foundation Inc.
David P. and Lisa N. Ryan
Donald P. and Diana Ryan
Wendell R. Sagendorf
Gregory M. and Susan T. Samuels
Thomas J. and Mary K. Saphner
Sara Investment RE LLC
Sarentos Restaurant LLC
Saris Cycling Group Inc.
Stanley N. Schafer Charitable Trust
Benjamin C. and Barbara E. Scharpf
John E. and Carol E. Schiessl
Wilbert A. Schmid
Peter W. and Colleen M. Schmitz
Schoen Family Charitable Trust
School District Of Albany
Ronald T. and Barbara L. Schuler
Steven H. and Wende W. Schuster
William And Lillian Schwartz Fdtn
Douglas G. and Mary Scrivner
Gwendolyn W. Sharratt
James P. Sheehy
James D. Shull and Sara J. Smith-Shull
Robert E. and Glenda S. Singiser
John S. and Carmen R. Skilton
Robert F. and Ruth A. Skoronski
Eugene E. Skroch
Alice J. Slopa
Avis H. Smart
Jay L. and Patricia H. Smith
Steven E. and Micki M. Snow
David E. Sowinski
St Joseph Catholic Academy
St Patricks Day Parade Committee Inc.
Standard Imaging Inc.
Richard A. and Elyane M. Steeves
Mavis A. Steil
Robert M. Steiner
Ellen H. Stephenson
Marsha A. Stewart
Emily E. Stoddard
Steven C. Stoddard
Jack Stoltz Memorial Golf Outing
James D. Sulciner and Janet E. Embretson
Sullivan Saloon LLC
Barbara A. Suran Oncology Research Fund
John and Sue Swendrowski
Larry C. and Angie G. Ter Maat
Brandon Thielke Foundation Inc.
Loretta M. Thill
Marion L. Thompson
Tommy G. Thompson
Robert L. Tobe
TomoTherapy Inc.
Anne M. Traynor
Trillium Hill Farm Inc.
Betty Z. Trombetta
Dini C. Tseung
Daniel J. Uminski
John R. and Gail M. Underwood
Uniek Inc.
Urology Associates Of Green Bay
Clayton P. VanGomple
J. Paul and Lois A. VanNevel
Frances M. VanNevel-Bach
Buck VanVonDeren Memorial
Steven J. Van
Ellen L. Vance
Veras Land Co. LLC
Tricia M. Vesper
Stuart G. Vonderloh
Robert F. Wagner
Ruth A. Wagner
Robert L. and Elaine A. Waldo
John E. Wall
Jerome F. and Karen S. Wallander
Walworth State Bank
John J. and Jacalyn L. Warczak
Andrew J. and Judy A. Waterman
Mark A. and Mary L. Weaver
Frances L. Weinstein
Donna M. Weis
Estate of Harvey D. Welcher
John T. and Celeste S. Wencel
Cheryl R. Weston
John C. and Joyce O. Weston
Jon P. and Jane A. Wilcox
Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort
Mary Wilding
David S. Wilkinson
Jane R. Will
Penelope M. Williams
Constance R. Wilson
Wirtz Beverage Wisconsin
Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders
Wisconsin State USBC Bowling Association
The Wollersheim Winery Inc. Cedar Creek Winery
Worldwide Battery Co. LLC
David J. Worzala
James A. and Jacquelyn L. Wrycha
Gail L. Wurtzler
Gary M. Young and Linda Roberson
Frank S. and Diane F. Zillner
John P. Zimbrick
Richard L. Zimmer
Jean L. Zitzler
Erwin F. and Joan R. Zuehlke

If your gift was inadvertently omitted, or if there is an error on our part, we apologize. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Sitkin, (608) 263-1677 or