Couples Share Their Stories of Living with Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can challenge even the strongest relationships.
Four couples reflect on how cancer affected their lives - the triumphs and challenges they faced together. And the love, hope and faith they shared, even in the shadow of loss.

"My husband Tom and I are having trouble remembering life before cancer."
Ellen Foley, former editor of the Wisconsin State Journal, reflects on how her husband's cancer diagnosis has affected their lives. Read More

"We did not know our fairy tale romance would end as quickly as it began."

Ray Rickert shares his personal story of his wife Jodi and her unexpected diagnosis of lung cancer. Read More

"Our journey with cancer has also taught us about living life in the grey. Life is never black and white, as we often wish it to be."
Chris and Brandi Funk share their story of how a brain tumor has affected their perspective on life. Read More  

"Living with cancer has taught us a lot over the last three and half years, but the best lesson has led us to choose happiness."
John Grace and Joan Raducha share their story of John's tongue cancer diagnosis. Read More