Clam Shell Hip Strengthening

The outer hip muscles are important for daily activities such as climbing stairs, lifting boxes and a strong walking gait.  They are also important in the support and health of your knee joint.


Lie on your side, preferably with your back to a wall. Your knees will be bent, you can support your head with your arm as shown in the photos below.


Adjust your position so you feel like your hips and torso are perpendicular to the floor.


Perform 1 - 3 sets of 10 - 15 repetitions each side.



Clam Shell Hip Strengthening Exercise Step 1 

Through this whole exercise you want to maintain this position, try to avoid rolling back as you lift your leg.


Draw your abdominal muscles up and in.

Clam Shell Hip Strengthening Exercise Step 2

Lift your top leg, rotating at the hip to bring your knee closer to the wall. Do not lift so far that you roll back. Your feet can stay lightly together.


Maintain your abdominal draw in as you lower the leg.