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American Family Children's Hospital

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Protocol No. BMTCTN07LT

Principal Investigator Callander, Natalie

Phase III

Age Group Adult

Scope National

Sponsor Type Externally Peer-Reviewed

Title Continued, Long Term Follow-Up and Lenalidomide Maintenance Therapy for Patients Who Have Enrolled on BMT CTN 0702

Objective This study is designed to provide continued, long-term follow-up to patients enrolled in the BMTCTN0702 study who have not experienced disease progression and to offer optional long-term lenalidomide maintenance therapy to those patients who have completed three (3) years of study defined maintenance therapy without evidence of disease progression. We are doing this study to learn how well maintenance treatment works to control your disease long-term (more than 3 years after transplant).

Treatment This study involves the receipt of continued long-term lenalidomide maintenance therapy. Lenalidomide is the same medication you have received for the first 3 years as maintenance following your autologous transplant. Lenalidomide is a chemotherapy drug used to slow down relapse, (the return of your disease).

Description Lenalidomide will be administered in monthly cycles and taken daily for 28 days each cycle (each month). Follow up visits will take place every six months for the length of your participation in the study or until the study end date, whichever occurs first, starting with the initiation of the long-term follow-up. Click here for more info

Key Eligibility
  • Patients without evidence of disease progression at the completion of BMT CTN 0702
  • Female patients who are pregnant (positive -BetaHCG) or breastfeeding are excluded

Applicable Disease Sites Multiple Myeloma

Status Open

Participating Institutions UW Hospital and Clinics