Contact Information

Phone: (608) 263-7502

Fax: (608) 662-3051

Why choose the UW Health Liver and Pancreas Center in Madison, Wisconsin?

  • Largest liver transplant program in Wisconsin
  • Cutting edge surgical approaches (living donor transplantation, in-situ liver resection, promoting liver growth to enhance resection)
  • Focus on minimally invasive ablation and resection techniques
  • Highly experienced, multidisciplinary team dedicated to complex pancreas disease

Care of a patient with liver and pancreas disease is complex. The primary goals of the Liver and Pancreas Center are to:

  • Provide a simple referral process through our nurse coordinators
  • Ensure that all new cancer patients are contacted within 24 hours of referral, with a plan going forward
  • Commit to comprehensive care through the scheduling and work-up process with a nurse coordinator
  • Discussion of liver and pancreas patients in our multidisciplinary, multi-specialist conferences