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The Truth About Clinical Trials
The Truth About Clinical Trials
The decision to participate in a clinical trial may be difficult and complex. And, many patients may not understand that experimental therapies could be an option for them. Read More


Second Chances: When Others Say "No," UW Health Can Say "Yes"
UW Health cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Niloo Edwards

Dr. Niloo Edwards, MD

Chairman of UW Health

Cardiothoracic Surgery

In an era in which medical science and surgical technique is advancing more quickly than at any other point in history, the experts of UW Health's Heart and Vascular Care program can hold out the possibility of "yes" when other centers have said no.


In the beginning, doctors called the pancreas "The Beast" and struggled to find a way to solve the post-transplant problems that so frequently led to infections and patient death. Now, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics have become the first to reach an impressive milestone in organ transplantation: 1,000 simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants. Read More
Learn More about Kidney-Pancreas Transplants
She's round, she's orange, She's Dottie the Dot, Wisconsin's newest A-list mascot celebrity. Read More


American Family Children's Hospital

American Family Children's Hospital

What's New at American Family Children's Hospital
As the UW's American Family Children's Hospital celebrated its first birthday this fall, there are several new developments that took place this fall at Wisconsin's state-of-the-art pediatric health care facility. Read More
Like a lot of parents, Megan Moreno, MD, a UW Health pediatrician with American Family Children's Hospital, wants to know why adolescents are revealing their personal lives when it comes to sex, alcohol and drug use, smoking and violence. Read More


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