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American Family Children's Hospital

UW's Campaign to End Childhood Cancer Tool Kit

Donate Now to the University of Wisconsin's Campaign to End Childhood Cancer; Fighting Cancer So Kids Won't Have To; Madison, Wisconsin

At UW Carbone Cancer Center and American Family Children's Hospital, our vision for the future of childhood cancer is to not only save every cancer patient, but to eliminate the risks that come with traditional cancer treatments. Simply put, we believe we can turn cancer from a life-threatening disease into a treatable and manageable one.


However, we can’t do it without the support of our community and the people impacted most directly.


Four Ways You Can Get Involved and Make a Difference


Create a Fundraising Page

  • Customize it: Add your own text, pictures, or video. Tailor your messaging to tell your own personal story and reason why you are fundraising for childhood cancer research at UW.
  • Donate to your own page: Others are more likely to donate when they see that someone has already contributed. It also shows that you are serious about helping the cause.
  • Share your fundraising page with everyone you know.

Be an Advocate and Publicly Support #UWKidsCancer 


We encourage you to share your own stories (the more personal, the better) about how cancer has affected you and show your support for our campaign to end childhood cancer. To assist you, we have created some sample messages below. When sharing your story, don’t forget to use our official campaign hashtag: #UWKidsCancer. Feel free to also use our cover photos or share our infographics, 


Share Your Story With Us


We are always looking for more stories to feature through our marketing and communication efforts.


Spread the Word to Other Pediatric Cancer Patient Families


Share this page and let them know about the work being done at UW and how they can help. 


Sample Messages


Currently 600 kids are fighting cancer under UW’s care. At American Family Children's Hospital and UW Carbone Cancer Center, their vision for the future is to cure childhood cancer quickly and eliminate unwanted side effects and complications. Your donation will help expand research efforts, support patients and help fight cancer so kids won't have to. (Insert link to your fundraising page or to #UWKidsCancer




I am proud to support UW’s mission and fight cancer so kids won’t have to. Help end childhood cancer by donating to UW research: (Insert link to your fundraising page or to #UWKidsCancer




UW’s Vision: Cure childhood cancer quickly and eliminate unwanted side effects and complications. Join the fight today: (Insert link to your fundraising page or to #UWKidsCancer



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