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We are dedicated to helping our patients, community members and our employees achieve their best well-being and a high quality of life.

Classes and programs

A customized journey

We bring together world-class medical care and quality wellness programs to help you learn to make healthy life choices.


Complete our online form or call the Center for Wellness at (608) 440-6600 to set up a Wellness Consultation, Group Medical Visit or Health Coaching appointment.

1:1 Wellness consultation

During this 60-minute appointment with a physician or advanced practice provider, we will explore your personal and family health history, clarify your health goals and create a personalized lifestyle plan you can implement and sustain. We will use evidence-based treatment options, personal support and self-care practices to optimize your health

Group medical visits

This is a new approach to care that brings patients with common health care needs together in a group setting. With a provider leading each session, patients can share with each other what they need to live a healthy life.

Through hands-on learning we explore self-management skills for lifestyle and behavioral changes, as they relate to specific medical problems including:

  • Risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity

  • Anxiety, depression and stress

  • Arthritis

  • Pain

  • Insomnia and sleep issues

  • Digestion issues

* Regular office charges will be submitted to your insurance provider. Co-payments and/or co-insurance may apply, depending on your specific health plan. Please check with your insurer regarding coverage.

Current Group Medical Visit sessions

Healthy, restorative sleep is crucial to our overall well-being, yet there is an epidemic of insomnia and substandard sleep in the U.S. In addition to working with your primary care provider and/or a sleep specialist to identify and treat specific conditions, there are many useful suggestions that you can weave into your life to aid your nighttime rest. During this four-week group medical visit, you will learn about sleep hygiene, the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicines and other dietary supplements and mind-body techniques.


Most of us have tried dieting to lose weight at one time or another. Unfortunately, most diets do not achieve the goal of sustained weight loss. This five-week group medical visit takes a different approach to how we think about food, exercise and the health of our bodies. We will explore the Whole Health Model, mindful eating, emotional eating and discover ways to add movement into our lives. The class is taught by a health coach, physician assistant, health psychologist and exercise physiologist


During this six-week session, we will focus on the health of our aging hearts. We will discuss the basic mechanisms underlying heart and vascular disease and how we can positively impact these by making simple changes to our lives. We will discuss food and nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and how to make positive changes in these and other areas of our lives. Discovering how to make these changes will not only protect our heart but also our bodies and minds so that we can extend both our health span and lifespan.

  • Dates, times: Feb. 8, 15 and 22, March 1, 8 and 15; 5:30-7 p.m.

  • Provider: Tom Wallhaus, MD; Katie Eby, health coach

  • Location: Virtual

  • Registration: Please call (608) 440-6600

The focus of this six-week session is on developing healthy eating and cooking habits in a hands-on supportive environment. You’ll gain confidence in the kitchen and learn how eating well can be an additional "medicine" for chronic conditions.

Our weekly group session will help you:

  • Learn basic cooking techniques using wholesome ingredients

  • Prepare nutritious and satisfying recipes (and take leftovers home)

  • Explore the health benefits of different foods and learn how to build a balanced diet

  • Learn the principles of the Mediterranean and anti-inflammatory eating plans

  • Practice mindful awareness as a foundational skill in the kitchen


Wellness Studio

We offer a wide range of classes to help you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine including:

  • Yoga classes

  • Fitness and mind/body classes

  • Personal training

Call (608) 440-6600 or visit our online class registration tool to search for classes.

Current and upcoming classes

This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses. Chair yoga helps increase flexibility, lung capacity, circulation and strength, improves balance, and relieves stress. Appropriate for all ability levels.

  • Instructor: Valerie Hesslink

  • Price: $150 Session

  • Dates: Fridays, September 10-December 17; 10-11 a.m.

  • Location: Virtual

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You will learn Yang 24 with an emphasis on Qi Gong through patient and gentle movements. Move with ease and bring balance, strength and flexibility to your practice.

  • Instructor: Sara Cotton

  • Price: $80 Session 1 / $60 Session 2

  • Dates: Thursdays, 10-11 a.m.

    • Session 1: September 9-October 28

    • Session 2: November 4-December 16 (no class November 25)

  • Location: Wellness Studio, UW Health at The American Center

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Explore deep breathing, mindful movement and alignment principles that create a solid foundation to feel stable and grounded wherever you go.

  • Instructor: Katie Eby

  • Price: $80

  • Dates: Tuesdays, October 5-November 23; 5-6 p.m.

  • Location: Virtual

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Taking your personal needs into consideration this class provides yoga modifications and variations. The pace is slow, so you develop self-awareness of your alignment needs. Physician and rehabilitation recommendations welcome.

  • Instructor: Jess Clark

  • Price: $130

  • Dates: Tuesdays, September 14-December 14 (no class November 23); 11-11:45 a.m.

  • Location: Wellness Studio, UW Health at The American Center

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Aquatic Center

We offer both a 25-yard, four-lane lap pool as well as a 90-degree warm water pool to meet the needs of both the casual swimmer and those looking for a competitive edge.

We offer one-day passes ($8) that give you access to both pools.

The Learning Kitchen

Our fully equipped classroom kitchen offers both culinary and healthy cooking classes for both cooking demonstrations and hands-on activities. Call (608) 440-6600 or visit our online class registration tool to search for classes.


The Center for Wellness offers services to support you on your fitness journey to better health.

  • One-on-one fitness consult and assessment

  • Includes fitness testing and an exercise plan

  • Designed to offer guidance and testing

  • 60 minutes: $50 (UW Health employees and patients can receive a 50 percent discount)

Personal training provides you with safe exercise guidance and instruction from a certified fitness professional including. We also offer partner training for participants of a similar fitness level.

  • One-on-one workouts

  • Custom exercise plan

  • Access to pool and weight room

  • Can be tailored for health restrictions

Training package: 60 minutes each

*A fitness assessment is required prior to joining

  • 5 sessions: $325 individual/$187.50 partner per person

  • 10 sessions: $600 individual/$350 partner per person

Cost: $25

When you purchase a one-month fitness pass, you will receive a custom exercise program developed by one of our specialists. Throughout the month you can exercise independently in our Therapy Gym during the designated hours. An exercise specialist will always be present for your safety and will be a resource in answering any questions you may have.

Available Therapy Gym Hours:

  • Monday/Wednesdays: 4:30-5:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday/Thursdays: 7-8 a.m.

*Fitness assessment required for first time users

Featured class

Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training

MB-EAT is designed for those looking to improve their relationship with food, lose weight, maintain weight or for those who struggle with compulsive or binge eating.

Over a 10-week series, you will learn how to:

  • Eat mindfully

  • Practice mindfulness meditation

  • Recognize the body’s feedback systems of taste, hunger and fullness

  • Choose foods wisely for satisfaction and health

  • Lose and/or maintain weight

MB-EAT instructor Mary Paulauskis, MSSW, CAPSW, teaches mindfulness meditation to UW-Madison employees and others in the community. She has practiced mindfulness meditation for 25 years.

Class details

  • Date/Time: Thursdays, September 30-December 9 (no class November 25); 5-7 p.m.

  • Fee: $395 ($25 non-refundable for course materials)

  • Location: Virtual (class materials and zoom link will be sent out prior to first class)

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Health coaching

Our health coaching program helps you improve and empower yourself with:

  • Personalized one-on-one meetings

  • Realistic plans to help you reach your health goals and make positive changes to your life

  • Positive reinforcement and support throughout the process

Coaching options

Making changes can be hard. Sometimes a little coaching, support and encouragement is just what you need to keep you on track and make the lasting changes you want.

With our three-month session:

  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly

  • First visit is 60 minutes, with subsequent visits 30 minutes or less

  • Most visits via telephone

  • Price: $325

With our 60-minute session:

  • Meet face-to-face or via telephone

  • Establish a plan that can be worked on independently

  • Price: $80

Dr. Lisa Grant, medical director of the Center for Wellness, explains how the Center can help you on your journey to better health.

Model for wellness

Model for wellness

Whether you are trying new ways to enjoy physical activity or have been an athlete for a number of years, the UW Health Center for Wellness can support you on your journey to better health through not only exercise but managing stress and eating better.

Circle of health
Circle of health graphic

The circle of health is a visual that shows how things impact your overall health.

This represents you and what means the most to you.

These are the choices you make every day.

Prevention and treatment of disease and illness.

The people and groups who make up your community.

Areas of whole health

Includes movement and activities like walking, dancing, gardening, sports, lifting weights, yoga, cycling, swimming and working out in a gym.

Getting enough rest, relaxation and sleep.

Eating healthy, balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables each day. Drinking enough water and limiting sodas, sweetened drinks and alcohol.

Learning and growing. Developing abilities and talents. Balancing responsibilities where you live, volunteer and work.

Feeling listened to and connected to people you love and care about. The quality of your communication with family, friends and people you work with.

Having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. Feeling connected to something larger than yourself. Finding strength in difficult times.

Feeling safe. Having comfortable, healthy spaces where you work and live. The quality of the lighting, color, air and water. Decreasing unpleasant clutter, noises and smells.

Tapping into the power of your mind to heal and cope. Using mind-body techniques like relaxation, breathing, or guided imagery.

Understand your health concerns and preventive care, care options, treatment plan and role in your health.

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage

  • Healing touch

  • Stress management


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