June 10, 2021

UW Health teams up with former governors to get Wisconsin vaccinated

Madison, Wis. — They are on opposite sides of the political aisle, but Wisconsinites will soon see two former governors team up for a common goal: Get every eligible Wisconsinite vaccinated to help officially close the book on the COVID-19 pandemic.

UW Health teamed up with former Governors Scott Walker, a Republican, and Jim Doyle, a Democrat, on a new public service announcement encouraging all eligible Wisconsinites to get their vaccine.

In the PSA, Walker and Doyle are on a Zoom call remarking on how they found something they agree on: They want the pandemic to end and they want everyone in Wisconsin to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Both Walker and Doyle have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Jeff Pothof, chief quality officer, UW Health, joins the call at the end to encourage everyone to get their shot.

While the ad is lighthearted in its pitch to Wisconsinites, the governors shared some personal messages for the people of Wisconsin as well.

“Tonette and I encourage all Wisconsinites to get vaccinated and enjoy a great Wisconsin summer again,” Walker said.

Doyle reminded Wisconsinites that “the vaccine represents our way out of this pandemic. I was proud to get my vaccine, and I hope everyone in Wisconsin gets theirs and enjoys some return to normal life.”

“We are excited this PSA came together. It’s a good reminder that COVID-19 is not a political issue, and we really do have broad agreement,” Pothof said. “We want everyone to get the vaccine to keep themselves and the community safe so we can end this pandemic."