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Moving Forward is a free seminar series featuring experts who talk about movement disorder-related subjects such as:

  • Disease diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Common concerns and caregiving options
  • Case studies, patient stories and experiences
  • New research and developments
  • Moving forward to your best life

Recordings of past sessions are available for viewing online


Presentations are open to all patients, family members or anyone wanting to advance their knowledge about these medical conditions. No registration is required.


Moving Forward Meeting Information


Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold the Moving Forward series in person but are now offering a virtual opportunity. UW Health staff will be there to facilitate and answer questions in addition to the subject matter expert who will be presenting.



The upcoming meeting for the Moving Forward Seminar Series will be online via Webex.


Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month, 6:30-8pm.




Please call if you have questions: Margo Hubbard, (608)263-5442 


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Upcoming Meeting Dates and Topics



2021 Meetings


January 11: Impulse Control Disorder, Dyskinesia and overuse of levodopa

  • Presenter: Dr. Catherine Gallagher, MD, Department of Neurology, Movement Disorders, UW Health Chief of Neurology, William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital 
  • Topic: Can't stop wiggling after taking your carbidopa/levodopa? Do you have trouble controlling spending money or gambling? Do you feel like all you think about is your next dose of carbidopa/levodopa? Join us to learn about these side effects of levodopa, the medication used to replace dopamine in the brain.

February 8: Palliative Care in Movement Disorders 

  • Presenter: Dr. Jessica Baker, MD, Department of Neurology, Movement Disorders, UW Health
  • Topic: Learn about palliative care and how it can improve quality of life in those with movement disorders.

March 8: Exercise and Parkinson's Disease

  • Presenter: Melissa Mattioda, DPT, NCS, Physical Therapist, UW Health
  • Topic: Certain exercises may be helpful for balance issues and freezing episodes. Learn from one of our physical therapists about how exercise can improve daily functioning. 

April 12: Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Presenter: Dr. Wendell Lake, MD, Department of Neurosurgery, UW Health
  • Topic: Learn about deep brain stimulation, a surgical treatment to help manage several symptoms of Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and dystonia.

May 10: Intro to Parkinson's Disease

  • Presenter: Dr. Terry Mangin, MD, Department of Neurology, Movement Disorders, UW Health
  • Topic: What is parkinsonism and how does it affect the brain? We will discuss Parkinson's Disease and other forms of parkinsonism, and explain typical symptoms and treatments.