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Sometimes, we can't turn our brains "off." We go over and over in our minds a particular thought, or replay a situation. We may not even realize the way our own thoughts might be contributing to our stress. The following exercise is intended to help you press "pause" and recognize your thought patterns and become aware of how you think so you can help shape the discussion going on in your own head


Select a particular thought, allowing this thought to be held in spaciousness and compassionate awareness.


Notice what happens with the following questions:


What is this thought?


What’s going on in the body?


Noticing sensations.


Am I willing to have this thought?


Perhaps noticing if any resistance is present.


Am I willing to practice mindfully observing this thought and allowing it to be present?


Does this thought motivate me or make me give up?


Does this thought make me feel pleasant or unpleasant?


Does this thought help me do the things that matter or make me anxious or afraid?


What does this thought stop me from doing or being?


Do I want this thought to direct how I live my life?


Am I willing to have this thought and do what I care about anyway?


Am I willing to have this thought and be what I care about?


Can I have compassion toward myself for this thought pattern?