Kaz Tanahashi: A Gift of Art

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Japanese-trained calligrapher, artist, scholar and teacher Kaz Tanahashi has been called the pioneer of the genre of "one stroke painting." To honor the 20th anniversary of the UW Mindfulness Program, Kaz and an anonymous donor gifted the UW Health Mindfulness Program with a series of six pieces reflecting six aspects of human experience.


Patricipants in our classes will see these works on display in the room where Mindfulness sessions meet.


The UW Health Mindfulness Program has had the pleasure of having Kaz offer Zen calligraphy retreats. He offers a clear, kind, compassionate, life giving presence throughout his retreats. As a highly talented artist, he has had solo exhibitions within the United States and internationally. The Los Angeles Times said of his work, "These minimal, intriguing pictures show the extraordinary flexibility of the brush in the hands of a master."