What to Expect After Minimally Invasive Maze Surgery

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After minimally invasive Maze surgery (also known as "mini maze") at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, we are able in most cases to remove the breathing tube while you are in the operating room. After surgery, you will be moved to the intensive care unit (ICU).
You will remain in the ICU for six to eight hours while we monitor your heart rhythm and other vital signs. You will then be moved to a regular hospital room for the night. Most patients are able to go home one or two days after surgery.
Once you are home, we advise you to follow general health guidelines, including eating a heart-healthy diet. If there are no complications from surgery, you should be able to return to work in three to 10 days.
After surgery, you may still experience some symptoms of arrhythmia, such as heart palpitations or a lack of energy. This is because it takes up to six months for scar tissue to completely form after ablation.
You will return to the clinic for follow-up two to six weeks after surgery. After six months, we will evaluate whether normal heart rhythm has been restored.