About the faint and fall clinic

Fainting is caused when your brain doesn’t get enough blood and oxygen causing you to briefly lose consciousness. In most cases, fainting is not a reason for concern. However, if you have a history of heart disease, have fainted while exercising, have fallen after fainting, or have had numerous fainting episodes, the UW Health Faint and Fall Clinic can provide you with the care you need.

Our approach to care

Patients over the age of 18 who have fainted are usually seen in our clinic within 48 hours of a referral. Faster diagnosis means treatment can be provided sooner to avoid a second faint episode or recurrent fall.

What can cause fainting?

  • Cardiac (heart) conditions

  • Neurological (brain) causes

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Stress


Finding your way

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When to see your doctor

You should seek emergency medical care if you:

  • Feel chest pain

  • Have shortness of breath

  • Have heart palpitations prior to fainting

  • Have weakness or numbness on one side your body

  • Experience stroke symptoms

Our providers

Patient stories

Regaining vitality at the Faint and Fall Clinic

Meet Joe Capaul

Waunakee's Joe Capaul felt "worn out" for the past few years. A trip to the UW Health Faint and Fall Clinic revealed the need for a pacemaker.

Joe Capaul was impressed with the expediency of the process at the UW Health Faint and Fall Clinic.