What to Expect After Laser Lead Extraction

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After the Laser Lead Extraction Procedure, you will be moved to a recovery room for several hours, and then to a regular hospital room for the night.
Most patients are able to go home one or two days after laser lead extraction. If you need to be treated for an infection at the lead site, you may need to stay in the hospital a little longer.
While you recover, we will monitor your heart rhythm and check the position and function of any new leads or devices that were implanted.
Once you are home, we advise you to follow general health guidelines, including eating a heart-healthy diet. If there are no complications from the procedure, you should be able to return to work in three to 10 days.
You will return to the clinic for at least one follow-up two to four weeks after the procedure. If you had a new pacemaker implanted, or were treated for an infection, we may ask you to come back for additional follow-ups.
As a patient, you will benefit from our collaborative approach to lead extraction. We are unique because our surgeons work as a unified service with electrophysiology cardiologists to evaluate each patient and determine the best possible treatment options.
Our doctors began performing laser lead extraction surgery in 2001, and we handle approximately 80 to 90 cases each year.