Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

UW Health offers Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring as a part of its comprehensive preventive cardiology program. The test is most helpful for patients who have an intermediate risk of heart disease, based on their risk factors, family history, and current lifestyle habits or in whom the decision to change their preventive therapy would be influenced by their coronary artery calcium score. The results of the test serve as an additional resource for your provider to guide their treatment. At UW Health, we require a physician or advanced practice provider’s order for this test. The results will be sent to the ordering practitioner who will review them with you.


The heart scan will take about 5 minutes. You will lay on a table fully dressed and move in and out of the scanner. During the scan you will hear the machine make a humming noise. You will be asked to hold your breath for short amounts of time. The scan is painless.


The scan results will be sent to the provider who ordered the scan. Please call your provider’s office if you have not been contacted within 5 business days of completing the scan.




The self-pay cost of the test is $150. The cost usually is not covered by your health insurance provider. Once the test is ordered by your health care provider, a prior authorization will be sent to your insurance provider. If it will not be reimbursed, payment will be required at your appointment, prior to the actual screening test. We suggest that you also contact your insurance provider to see if CPT code 75571 - "computed tomography – heart without contrast material with quantitative evaluation of coronary calcium" is a covered benefit.


If you are undecided on whether you should have a Coronary Calcium Scan, the information and questions at this link may help you make a decision.