Clinical Trials and Research

clinical researchAt UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, one of our greatest strengths is our involvement in groundbreaking clinical trials or research studies conducted to answer specific scientific questions about new ways to prevent, diagnose, detect and treat heart and vascular diseases.
The University of Wisconsin is a nationally recognized leader in regenerative medicine, stem cell and biologic therapeutic technology. Early studies of adult stem cell treatments in patients with heart attacks, heart failure and refractory chest pain due to poor heart circulation have shown some promising results - but these are early days in this field.
We are enrolling patients for a variety of studies with the goal of improving the health of patients with cardiovascular disease. Currently, our studies of these treatments are testing these agents in people who have exhausted conventional treatments.
UW Heart and Vascular Care offers hope to patients with advanced heart disease by providing a full spectrum of leading edge therapies and clinical trials options. Patients can contact the Second Opinion program by calling (608) 263-7092 or (800) 438-3102 (for patients outside of Madison), or by e-mailing their name and contact information to
Patients with advanced heart and vascular disease who have been told by doctors that there are few or no treatment options for them might qualify for investigational clinical trials through the Options Clinic.
Cardiovascular Research
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Participating in Clinical Trials