Week 3: Get Inspired to Get Moving

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Week 1: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Week 2: Emotions and Eating

Week 3: Get Inspired to Get Moving

Week 4: Staying Motivated



Day 15




Exercise – it's SO good for you! 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 30-40 percent and stroke by 25 percent. But for many of us, starting an exercise program can be overwhelming and just downright unappealing. Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain says that developing the right mind set is the best place to start.


What's one thing that prevents you from exercising? Write down one way you can develop a fitness mind-set.


Day 16



Feeling overwhelmed about adding activity to your life? Check out this video from the American Heart Association and get inspired to get moving.


Share this video with at least one person you care about and ask them to be your “accountability buddy." Talk about your goals for adding exercise to your life and scheduled time for a check-in each week.


Day 17


"But I don't have time! But I don't know how!" you say? It's time to get creative to become and stay active. Sometimes the best idea is to keep it simple. Try a short exercise DVD at home, check out some of the free videos available on You Tube, slip in a 15-minute walk during your lunch hour, do a couple of laps the next time you're at the mall, or try this simple chair yoga routine at home or at your desk. 
Commit to trying one thing on this list of exercise ideas (pdf) this week.
Day 18
Carving out time for exercise can seem like an impossible task. Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain will help you find ways to make exercise possible no matter how busy life gets.
Have you gone from being inactive to active? Share your tips for success with others on the UW Health Facebook page.
Day 19
You may more active than you think! Pedometers are a great way for getting credit for movement you do throughout your day. Start taking the stairs, park farther away, do an extra lap around the grocery store and watch the steps add up. Add concentrated exercise for 30 minutes a day and you’re sure to get to the recommended 10,000 steps! Check out these recommendations for developing your own walking program (pdf).
Do you have a pedometer? If so, how has that helped you to become and stay active? Start logging your steps and brag a little on Facebook or social media about how far you’ve walked! The Map My Fitness App can also make exercise fun!
Day 20

Determining your exercise style can be an important way to set yourself up for success. Do you need an "appointment," like a scheduled class, or can you set your own schedule? Do you like group activities or prefer something independent? Are you happier indoors or outdoors?

Learn how to find the exercise that's best for you with these suggestions from UW Health's Fitness Center manager - Get Exercising: Find What's Right for You
Day 21
Most times the idea of exercise is more painful than exercising itself. If you've been avoiding getting active, make a commitment to try something simple like walking for just 15 minutes today. Note how you feel afterwards.
Write your thoughts on a post-it note somewhere where you can see it, and then make another "appointment" to exercise!