Love Your Heart: Patient Stories

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As part of the Go Red For Women movement, women who have had their own experiences with heart disease share their stories to encourage other women to "Love Your Heart."
Sherry Henseler

If Sherry Can Do It - You Can, Too


Sherry had tried to exercise and lose weight several times, but she always lost interest. In November 2011, though, she took a new approach - including a different attitude - and she's lost nearly 100 pounds.


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Heart attack survivor Roberta

Cardiac Rehabilitation Changes Woman's Life After Heart Attacks
In the aftermath of suffering three small heart attacks in three days, Roberta embraced UW Health's cardiac rehabilitation program, and feels like a different woman because of her emphasis on exercise and smart food choices.

Heart attack survivor Helen Martinson

Proof Positive: It's Never Too Late to Change
Think you're too old to change your diet and exercise habits to help your heart health? Too set in your ways? Helen Martinson will tell you otherwise. She was 79 when she did just that following a heart attack in 2009, and she's seen the difference.

Judy Ettinger

She Walks the Walk: A Lifelong Rehabilitation

Judy Ettinger considered herself "as healthy as could be," but still needed bypass surgery to correct a dangerous heart condition in 1996. She fully embraced her rehabilitation - and continues to do so 14 years after her life-threatening cardiac incident. Described as a "model patient," Ettinger walks up to 60 miles per week and recently was among the top finishers in her age group after walking a half-marathon.
Amanda Frigge
After Go Red Makeover, Walk Holds Special Spot in Her Heart

Amanda Frigge has participated in the American Heart Association's Madison-area Heart Walk in the past, but the 2010 event was a special one for her. Frigge made a commitment to improve her heart health earlier in the year, participating in the Go Red for Women Makeover. It's made a big difference to her.

Kelly Thomas and her family

One Mom's Healthy Change of Heart
Kelly Thomas dealt with poor cholesterol and high blood pressure for years. But when it threatened her life and her child's, she knew she had to make heart health a priority.
Are You at Risk?
Like these women, you may be at risk for heart disease and you don't even realize it. Our hearts are in our hands - and by seeing your health care provider and getting a blood test and blood pressure test, we can save them.