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To burn off a 16-oz. Mocha Latte, the average woman needs to run for 30 minutes.While it's not a bad thing to indulge in a special treat once in awhile, there really can be too much of a good thing.


When you're looking for snack and meal ideas, think about their long-term impact. When you're thinking about those chocolate chip cookies, or even your morning mocha latte, stop to ask yourself, "How much exercise would I need to burn this off?" You may decide a healthier option is really the best choice after all.


Here are some examples of how much time it would take to burn off the equivalent calories, including a few of our Heart-Healthy Recipes.


Banana (105 calories)

25 minutes of brisk walking
25 minutes biking
10-minute run


16-oz. Mocha Latte (330 calories)
75 minutes of brisk walking
75 minutes biking
30-minute run

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Average Beef Stroganoff (405 calories)

90 minutes of brisk walking
90 minutes biking
35-minute run


AHA Beef Stroganoff (237 calories) Recipe

55 minutes of brisk walking
50 minutes biking
20-minute run

Specialty Brand Chocolate Cheesecake (860 calories)
195 minutes of brisk walking
190 minutes biking
75-minute run


AHA Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake (169 calories) Recipe
40 minutes of brisk walking
35 minutes biking
15-minute run