Go Red for Women Quilt Program - 2010

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When UW Hospital and Clinics nurse Helen Martin needed a special project to complete her graduate school studies, she decided to combine two passions - quilting and nursing - to teach women about heart health.


Helen shared the American Heart Association's message with quilt guilds throughout Wisconsin, sharing risk factors and steps for preventing heart disease. The result was not only a top grade for Helen, but also the beginning of a larger project to spread the word among women about their risk for heart disease.


Helen also created a Go Red For Women quilt that inspired quilt guilds and individuals to sew for a cause. More than 30 quilts have been donated to the Go Red for Women Quilt Program.


Inspired by Helen's story, renowned quilter and host of Sewing with Nancy, Nancy Zieman, designed a heart block project for quilters at the Quilt Expo in Madison. The three-day project produced enough blocks to make 20 quilts. Many of those quilts have become part of a travelling quilt exhibit and are available below for a suggested donation. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association, Go Red for Women Movement, Southeast Wisconsin. Since 2008, the quilt program has raised $6,355 for the Go Red for Women Movement.


2010 Go Red Quilts


Click on the slideshow below to view the current line of Go Red quilts, including creators, descriptions and suggested donations, should you be interested in purchasing a quilt.


To purchase a quilt, please contact Vicki Carter at (608) 890-8683 or vcarter@uwhealth.org.



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