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Cadette Girl Scouts: Grades 7-9
Senior Girl Scouts: Grades 10-12
The purpose of the Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program is to raise awareness of the danger of heart disease as a serious women's health issue that starts with lifestyle habits developed early in life.
The patch activities and online tools teach you how to keep your heart strong.
Earning this patch will also help you: 
  • Learn to make healthier choices
  • Empower women you love to do the same

Use our online tools to earn your Go Red patch. Don't forget to go to the Go Red Resource Page for Girls and print your own Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon). It's a great guide to help you earn your patch.


Patch Requirements


Complete one activity from each section. 

Patch Activities
Heart Education Activities
Heart Education Activities
  • Self-Explore: Visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girlsand print your own Love Your Heart Journal to explore your heart health (coming soon). Decorate it, update it and have fun with it!
  • Know Your Fats: One important part of having a healthy heart is to understand the difference between bad fats and good fats. Teach yourself important fat facts using resources listed on the Go Red Resource Page for Girls. Use your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon) to guide you. Then, as a troop or with your family, create a game show quiz to test your knowledge on these fats.
  • Smoking and the Heart: Use the Go Red Resource Page for Girls to learn the effects of smoking on the heart. Quiz your family or your troop to share this knowledge.
  • Get CPR Certified: CPR is a rescue technique used to care for persons who have gone into cardiac arrest or have stopped breathing. Get CPR-certified by taking a CPR learning course. Call your local American Heart Association, American Red Cross or American Safety Council for information on classes.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red heart education activity.

Nutrition Activities

Nutrition Activities

  • Eat and Track: Use your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon) to track the foods you eat for one day. Then use your journal to set goals for improvement. Work toward these goals for 2 weeks.
  • Restaurant Smarts: The next time you go to a restaurant, make three heart-healthy changes to your meal. To learn about ways to do this, use the Go Red Resource Page for Girls. Write down what you did in your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon) and how you felt afterward.
  • Go Red Recipe Contest: Invent your own heart-healthy recipe using the tips listed in the links section of the Go Red Resource Page for Girls.

    Go Red Recipe Contest - Suggested Guidelines (pdf)

    Just For Fun - As a troop, compete for the best-tasting recipes. Make it fun and be creative!
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red nutrition activity.
Fitness Activities
Fitness Activities
  • Troop Fitness: For 2 months, start or end each troop meeting with 20 minutes of exercise. For example, check out an exercise video from the library or have a dance party with your favorite music and healthy snacks.
  • Exercise Exploration: Girls who do exercise activities that they enjoy are more likely to stick with them as they grow up. Make a list of your favorite activities, using your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon). Then try one new physical activity, like hip-hop or yoga, with your troop or family. What did you like or not like about it? Talk about it!
  • Heart Day - Every Day: Activities that we do every day can be changed to make our hearts work harder. For 2 weeks, make every day "heart day" by making your routine more physically active. For helpful hints, visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girls. Set a goal for yourself using your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon). Stick to it and write about how the experience made you feel.

    Just For Fun - Challenge a woman who you love to join you in this activity.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red fitness activity.
Family Activities
Family Activities
  • Help Her Heart: Visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girls and print the Go Red Greeting Card Template (pdf). Print and decorate them for 3 women you love. In the cards, tell them what you love about their hearts. Then tell them that their heart health is important to you.
  • Make a Pledge: Pledge with a woman you love to improve your exercise habits. Set goals and rewards. Then stick to your program for one month. Use your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon) to help you.
  • Learn Your Family's Heart Health History: Use your Love Your Heart Journal (coming soon) to help you record your family history of heart conditions or diabetes. Share this information with women in your family and teach them about the steps they can take to keep their hearts strong.
  • Heart Walk: Sign up for a heart walk in your area and invite a woman you love to join you. For a list of heart walks in your area, visit the American Heart Association website.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red family activity.
Service Activities
Service Activities
  • Go Red Girl Scouts Online Art Gallery: Draw a picture to teach others about heart health and submit it to the Go Red Girl Scouts online art gallery. Your artwork will appear in the online art gallery. Be creative! Art work will be updated once a month. Learn more about the Go Red Girl Scouts Online Art Gallery.
  • Be An Active Mentor: Talk to a younger sister or cousin, or join up with kids from your local elementary school, YMCA or Boys and Girls Club. Pledge that you will complete a fitness activity with them one time per week for one month.
  • Tell Other Women: On your own or with your troop, teach women that you love about heart risks. Do this at a faith community, local health fair or other community event. If you would like resources to support your efforts, you can contact your local chapter of the American Heart Association or request them through an online form. Go to and use the Local Info link at the top of the page to locate your local branch and access health fair materials.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red service activity.
This patch program springs from a UW Health Heart and Vascular Care partnership with the American Heart Association to bring the national Go Red For Women Campaign to a local level. Together, we can raise awareness of the risk of heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women.