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Integrative Health expounds the program's ultimate goal - to work in partnership with our patients, health care providers and other individuals to facilitate and sustain each person's health, healing and well-being.
Mindfulness: Horse Stance

Kristi Rietz, OTR, Mindfulness instructor demonstrates a practical T'ai Chi exercise called, "Horse Stance." The exercise is intended to help support your well being by encouraging you to become aware of your body and how it feels. More about the horse stance pose



Mindfulness: Coping with Grief


Katherine Bonus, MA, Mindfulness program manager, discusses the various reasons why we may experience a sense of loss and grief and how we can find a deeper understanding when we are patient and loving with ourselves. More resources for coping with grief



Eating for Your Health: Kale Salad


Kelly Hora, certified acupuncturist with UW Health's Integrative Health program, offers a delicious healthy salad recipe that you can enjoy for lunch or as a side dish with dinner. Also included are four variations on the main recipe. More about Kelly's kale salad recipe





Janice Singles, PhD, health psychologist, dispels myths surrounding hypnosis and guides viewers through a simple exercise to demonstrate the power of visualization. More about self-hypnosis