Special event for teensA Gift for Yourself: Mindfulness Before the Holidays
An in-person session for youth in grades 8-12, where they are invited to explore ways of integrating mindfulness into their lives and with family and friends through practices for greater awareness, balance and compassion that can be carried into the holiday season.

Classes and programs

Improving well-being through practice

At UW Health, taking care of you is more than just being there when you are sick. It is partnering with you to offer options for your overall health and wellness. Mindfulness allows you to be in the present moment while teaching you how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention and focusing your mind for relaxation and increased awareness. Mindfulness can have beneficial health effects by decreasing the negative impact of chronic stress on the body and mind. Mindfulness can also support physical and emotional well-being by reducing muscle tension and quieting the mind, reducing anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness classes

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction offers you an introduction to ways of reducing stress and developing greater balance. This course includes guided instruction on meditation practices, gentle stretching, mindful yoga, home assignments and audio recordings.

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Free sessions of guided mindfulness meditation. Tune up your mindfulness practice. Reaffirm your intention to lead a mindful life. No registration is required. Currently taking place online.

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Mindful Awareness Practice is a six-week class that lays the foundation to understand basic principles of mindfulness, develop a personal meditation practice and apply the principles into your daily life.

Cultivate skills and confidence for birthing, parenting and family living through meditation, movement and group dialogue.  This course is for expectant mothers and partners/supporters/doulas. Hear from participants and teachers


Mindfulness en Español explorará cómo mindfulness puede ser un apoyo para ampliar el autoconocimiento. Períodos de movimiento corporal y quietud, instantes de silencio, reflexión y conversación.

Explore moving meditations, inspired by yoga, Qigong and other traditions, which allow you to connect to breath awareness, active relaxation, postural alignment, flexibility and resilience.

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Explore or deepen mindfulness practice in a community where racialized forms of stress can be discussed.  This class is for those who identify as people of color/multiracial/racial minority.

Explore how the sense of sight can be a creative, thoughtful path for living a mindful life by helping you pause and notice what is happening around you. Watch video

This course explores our relationship to the process of aging. Through mindfulness practices, deep listening and gentle movement, you can learn to befriend the changes and lighten your spirit.

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This day-long session provides opportunity to deepen or refresh your practice within the support of community. Intended for those who have completed mindfulness-based stress reduction.

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This course will help improve your relationship with food, through learning how to eat mindfully, practice mindful meditation, recognize your body’s feedback systems and choose wisely.

This class is designed for people who tried to quit smoking and have relapsed. Weekly meetings, choosing a “quit” date and training in mindfulness can help you succeed in your goal.

This class is for teens in grades 9-12 who wish to explore mindfulness meditation in a fun and supportive environment, through brief meditations, reflections and group conversations.

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This class is designed for youth in grades 6-8, to help them see their lives with greater clarity, creativity, kindness and compassion through explorations of mindfulness.


This course for families and children ages 4-7 incorporates relaxation, movement, games, stories and glitter to introduce concepts of mindfulness and skills to weave into daily routines.


Professional training

UW Health offers options to people who are interested in furthering their MBSR experience or gaining skills for sharing mindfulness with others. We are committed to supporting people of color to have access to training and teacher development. BIPOC scholarships are currently available, made possible through the generous support of program donors, the Mindfulness for All Collective, and the Kataly Foundation.

This is an opportunity for graduates of our eight-week mindfulness class to participate in another mindfulness class deepening their own practice while assisting the course teacher. This opportunity is available for free with a commitment to attend and participate in all classes, help with class setup, chart notes and provide a perspective to the teacher. Total time commitment is 33-36 hours.

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A rigorous, 10-week program for those interested in deepening their understanding of mindfulness practices, sharing mindfulness with others through their professional or community roles, and/or more fully integrating mindfulness into daily living.

The 2022 MBSR Teacher Training Intensive will take place from Jan. 13-March 24. The application period is open from Nov. 1-Dec. 1, 2021. Financial assistance and BIPOC scholarships are available for qualified applicants.

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Guided meditations

Mindfulness guided meditations

These guided mindfulness and meditation practices offer you the support to practice at home.

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A few considerations

Please do not listen to meditations while driving.

If you have any medical or orthopedic concerns, please consult your physician or physical therapist before engaging in yoga practice.


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Meet our team

Helping you be present

Our mindfulness instructors are trained in mindfulness-based practices, including meditation, guided imagery and relaxation techniques. They help participants employ these methods to manage chronic pain, cope with chronic illness, reduce stress and develop greater balance, ease and fuller participation in their lives.

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