Our Services

Most patients are referred to Wisconsin Sleep by one of their physicians. If you believe or have been told you stop breathing while you sleep, take our sleep apnea quiz to determine whether you can self-refer to Wisconsin Sleep.


After either receiving a referral form from your physician or the self-referral form from above, we will look at the information provided and determine whether you should be seen in clinic by one of our providers or if you should be scheduled for a sleep study.


If you need to cancel or change your appointment with a Wisconsin Sleep physician, for a clinic visit or for a sleep study, please call (608) 232-3333 as soon as possible. We ask for at least three days notice to cancel a sleep study appointment.


Clinic Appointments


First-time clinic appointments will often last about an hour. We are fortunate to have both multispecialty sleep physicians and advanced practice providers with years of sleep-related experience. You will be matched with a provider that can best help with your specific needs. Often patients will need a sleep study to help diagnose and treat a sleep disorder. Some patients will be offered a take-home sleep study out of clinic, but others may need to either have an in-lab sleep study or schedule a future take-home sleep study. Your provider can explain this to you at the time of your appointment.


In-Lab Sleep Studies


In-lab sleep studies are scheduled either overnight or for an 8- to 10-hour period during the day. Click on the link below to watch a video about what to expect during your in-lab sleep study. Our facility has 14 private sleep rooms, each with a full-size bed, flat-screen television and its own private bathroom. Studies are painless and non-invasive and performed under the supervision of a highly trained sleep professional.


Blue video icon Adult Sleep Studies

Blue video icon Pediatric Sleep Studies


Home Sleep Studies


Some patients will be able to take sleep study equipment home with them to wear overnight. Each piece of equipment comes with instructions on how to apply.


Blue video icon Learn How to Use the Equipment


For both in-lab and home sleep studies, patients can expect their results within a few days of their sleep study. Patients can expect to either receive their results by a mailed letter or a phone call from our sleep technicians.


Durable Medical Equipment Provider List (pdf)


Billing and Insurance


The providers at Wisconsin Sleep are participating providers for Unity, Physicians Plus, Group Health Cooperative (GHC), Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alliance, HealthEOS and others. We strongly recommend, however, that you contact your health plan to ensure your Wisconsin Sleep services are covered and to determine if you have any referral or authorization requirements.


Depending on the type of services you receive from Wisconsin Sleep, you may receive separate bills for your clinical consultation or your sleep study. If you have questions about Wisconsin Sleep billing, please call (608) 829-5217.