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During admission to the UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, your rehab team will collaborate to develop and complete an individual plan of care to achieve your goals.


At UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital, we take a team approach to your care. Your team meets weekly at a team conference, to discuss your needs and goals. During the first team conference, a projected date is set for you to go home, based on your admission diagnosis, and an assessment of your rehabilitation needs following your admission.


Your progress will be reviewed at ongoing team meetings and necessary adjustments to your care plan will be made. During these meetings, goals, family training times, equipment needs and discharge planning are discussed. 


Members of your rehab team include:


You and Your Primary Support Persons


The patient and family are instrumental members of the rehab team, providing input on goals, expectations and concerns. Patients are expected to participate in and receive three hours of therapy per day and work hard toward those goals. Support from loved ones is strongly encouraged. We also provide ongoing patient and family training throughout the stay.


UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital Physicians and Other Providers


View our Rehabilitation Hospital "Find a Doctor" bios and learn more about team members' roles below:


Physiatrist: A Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Your attending physiatrist will work with you or your loved one to treat the basic disease and prevent further complication. 


Consulting Doctors


Physicians will be consulted with on an as needed basis. This includes many neurologists, oncologists, cardiologists, orthopedics, nephrologists and many more.




This physician will consult with your loved one's physiatrist for any acute issue that may arise during your stay with us.


Rehabilitation Nurses (CRRN)


Our nurses are specifically trained and certified to provide rehab-specific care. Nurses certified in rehabilitation (CRRN) specialize in caring for patients with specific diagnoses and are skilled in helping patients achieve their greatest potential and level of independence. Our nursing team also includes registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and certified nursing assistants (CNA).  


Occupational Therapists (OT)


Our occupational therapists are specially trained to work with the patient on self-care skills, including activities of daily living (ADLs), strength and coordination. The occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistant work to improve your ability to complete everyday tasks on your own. This includes feeding yourself, bathing, dressing, getting in and out of a shower or tub, making a meal and home management tasks. Your therapist will make suggestions for special equipment and teach you different ways to do things to help you perform the activities safely on your own.


Physical Therapists (PT)


Our physical therapists are specially trained to work with the patient on mobility skills, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. The physical therapist and physical therapist assistant work to improve your strength, balance, coordination and your ability to get around. Your therapist will teach you to safely get in and out of bed, in and out of a chair, to walk, to use a wheelchair, if necessary, and to transfer in and out of your car.


Speech and Language Therapists (ST or SLP)


The speech/language therapist works with you to improve your ability to communicate verbally, and to teach you methods to improve the process of eating and swallowing, if these have become impaired. Speech therapists also help patients with short- and long-term memory problems, decision-making and judgment. Your therapist will make recommendations relating to improving or enhancing these areas of concern.


Therapeutic Recreational Therapist


The therapeutic recreational therapist assists you in returning to activities or hobbies that you enjoy doing, arranges for community outings and helps with getting disability stickers for vehicles.


Rehab Psychologist


Our rehab psychologists specialize in health and disability management and assist with the psychosocial adjustment after an illness or injury. The rehab psychologist works to ensure your mental and emotional concerns are addressed. Treatments for the patient can help with adjustment to losses, recognition of deficits and their implications, understanding the effects of the injury on sexuality and relationships with others, improved self-esteem, self-acceptance and effective goal setting.


Social Workers


Our social workers help patients and families cope with illness or injury, and work to provide counseling, information and referral to available resources to help the patient return to the community or other care settings after being discharged from UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital.


Case Managers


During your stay at the UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital, your Case Manager will be your primary advocate. Our rehabilitation case managers work closely with you and your team to ensure that your stay in the UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital is effective in meeting your needs for discharge to home and your community. The case manager will regularly review your care plan and schedule of therapies to assure that your individual program is followed as planned. The case manager will arrange for follow-up services and durable medical equipment you may need after you're discharged from the rehab hospital, and can also address financial and insurance issues.


Your case manager is available to help you obtain maximum benefits during and after your hospitalization. Case management will provide guidance for you and your family, make referrals to community agencies and arrange for services or special equipment for use after your discharge from the hospital.




Our orthotists measure, design, fabricate and fit braces and other orthopedic-type appliances the patient may need.




Our onsite pharmacy and pharmacists will work with your physicians regarding medication management and prescriptions you may need.


Respiratory Therapists


Respiratory (breathing) care may be a part of your treatment. It is instrumental in the evaluation, treatment, management, and preventive care of patients with cardiopulmonary problems. 


Dietitians/Nutritional Service


Each patient works with a registered dietitian who will make sure our patients are getting the appropriate caloric intake needed to support their rehabilitation.


Massage Therapy and Acupuncture


As part of our healing environment at UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital, we also offer on-site massage therapy and acupuncture services as needed.