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Transplant Health Facts

Transplant Health Facts for You

Transplant at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is one of the world's foremost organ transplant programs. UW Health physicians are recognized experts in their field, providing care to patients in our heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, intestine, islet cell and pediatric transplant programs.



Curious about how the journey from organ donation to transplant really happens? There are dozens of people who contribute to this life-saving work.


This video uses graphics to walk you through the process: Donation and Transplantation: How Does It Work?


This video helps you experience the process through a real donor and recipient story. When Brooke Dawkins decided to become a registered organ donor, she didn't know that decision would ultimately save Carol Wright's life: Journey of the Heart


Transplant Patient Education Videos and Quizzes

As a service to its patients we offer the following educational videos, which discuss important facets of the liver, kidney and pancreas transplant process. Each section features a video and a brief multiple choice quiz. Watch each video and then take the corresponding quiz to enhance your knowledge about the transplant process.

Transplant Community Learning Sessions


Our continuing education sessions help transplant patients, living donors and their families and friends stay up-to-date on important information. Many of these sessions include both an in-person presentation and online opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay connected to this ever-changing field of medicine.


If you would like to be notified of upcoming sessions, email your request to transplant@uwhealth.org

  • Presentations from the October 2019 Transplant Research Update event can be viewed here.
  • The UW Health Liver Transplant Team recently shared the latest information about living liver donation. Watch their presentation on the UW Health YouTube channel.

  • The presentations from the 2016 Transplant Conference are now available for viewing on the UW Health YouTube channel. Experts from UW Health share their knowledge and patients and donor families share their experiences. Page through the videos to select a session, and learn something new today.

  • Listen to a recording of the At the Forefront of Transplantation: An Update on Immunosuppression Research presentation (This recording began a few minutes into the presentation, just after introductions were made. You will join the presentation recording as Dixon Kaufman, MD, PhD, Chief of Transplantation, begins the session.)

  • Listen to this recording titled Financial Considerations for Transplant Patients, as presented by experts from the UW Health Transplant Team. This session is part of our ongoing Living Well Before and After Transplant learning series, created in partnership with the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin. 

  • View a recording from our learning session, The Healthy Tipping Point: Preparing for a Transplant, as presented by UW Health Transplant Dietitian Becca Wallschlaeger, MS, RDN, CD. You'll learn healthy living strategies and see her cooking demonstration. You'll learn how to incorporate more fresh foods into your diet to help promote healthier eating habits and weight loss. You will also be given the strategies to achieve weight maintenance once you've met your weight loss goals.

  • View a recording from our learning session, Spring into Health: Making a Nutrition and Exercise Plan for a Healthier You, to learn healthy living habits that are important for your quality of life and for a successful transplant. It’s never too late to set nutrition and exercise goals.

  • You're invited to join our walk-in living donation session, held daily at University Hospital. Learn more 

Multiple Listing

Multiple listing involves registering on the waitlist at two or more transplant centers. It is important for patients to understand their options regarding multiple listing for transplant, and the benefits of being listed at the UW Health Transplant Program.
Learn More About Multiple Listing

Clinical Resources for Post-Transplant Patients

Record Sheets

Heart Transplant Vital Signs Record Sheet (3 times/day) (pdf)  Liver Transplant Lab Record Sheet (pdf) 
Heart Transplant Vital Signs Record Sheet (2 times/day) (pdf)  Lung Transplant Spirometry Record Sheet (pdf) 
Kidney Transplant Lab Record Sheet (pdf)  Medication Checklist (all programs) (pdf) 
Kidney/pancreas Transplant Lab Record Sheet (pdf)  Vital Signs Record Sheet (pdf)

Patient Housing in Madison

Other Resources for Post-Transplant Patients

Resources for Living Donation


Transplant Experience offers patient education resources on living donation.