Liver Transplant: Temperance's Story

Until she is transplanted, Temperance's family keeps her healthy enough for transplant under the watchful care of the pediatric experts at UW Health.Two-year-old Temperence received a liver transplant on November 15, 2012, shortly after our 2013 calendar went to press. We contacted her mother, Krista, for this update:


Krista gives thanks for the gift of life her daughter received. Krista had mixed feelings when she got the call that there was a liver for Temperence.


She remembers thinking, "It was hard to know that someone had to go through what I had been dreading for two years, but I was also so excited that the day had finally come."


Their family is thankful for Temperence's new life and all the exciting changes they see in their toddler. She is moving around a lot more, and showing off her new self, which is also reflected in her demeanor, skin tone and eyes. It is hard for her mom to find the words to describe how amazed they are with the changes they are seeing.


"Her face is full of life, and it's even easier for her to walk now that her big belly is gone," said Krista. "Her glow is just amazing!"


Temperence is also trying new foods, eating more and sleeping better at night.


"This is the most amazing gift anyone could ever give," said Krista. "Temperence is truly our little angel."