Financial Tool Kit for Living Donors

The Live Donor Community of Practice of the American Society of Transplantation, with the support of 11 other organizations - including UW Health - created these materials to assist those who are considering living donation. This information may change over time, but will offer assistance for those considering donation.


Introduction (pdf)

Section 1: Cost Estimation Worksheet (pdf)

Section 2: NLDAC How to Apply (pdf)

Section 3: Non-Profit Sources Financial Assistance for Living Donors (pdf)

Section 4: Living Organ Donation for Members of the U.S. Military (pdf)

Section 5: Fundraising for Living Donor Expenses (pdf)

Section 6: Insurability after Kidney Donation Q-and-A (pdf)

Section 7: Living Donation and Employment (pdf)

Section 8: State and Federal Laws Related to Living Donation (pdf)