Why UW Health Sports Rehabilitation

Why should you choose UW Health Sports Rehabilitation in Madison, Wisconsin, for injury rehabilitation?


UW Health Sports Medicine's staff of physical therapists and athletic trainers is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes, and our facilities at UW Health Research Park and UW Health at The American Center are the ideal venues for athletes to prepare for their return to sport.

Experts in Their Field


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation therapists are experts in the movements involved in specific sports. They know how to help athletes move in the ways that are most successful in their chosen sports.



A Continuum of Sports Medicine Care


Sports rehabilitation therapists like UW Health's Marc Sherry says his relationships with patients sometimes span their athletic lifetimes, and that familiarity and consistency benefits the patient.



Sports Rehabilitation at UW Health at The American Center


UW Health at The American Center's state-of-the-art design and plentiful space lets rehabilitating athletes move as they would when playing their sports.



Sports Medicine Care, All Under One Roof


At UW Health at The American Center, the Sports Medicine operating rooms are right next to the Sports Rehabilitation department, which fosters collaboration amongst doctors and rehabilitation therapists.