This Month in Sports Rehabilitation: Getting Your Body Ready for the Golf Swing (November 2012)

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Golfers Clinic

UW Health Sports Rehabilitation has created the UW Health Golfers Clinic to help golfers with:

  • Swing biomechanics
  • Golf-related injuries
  • Physical limitations that impact the golf swing

The Golfers Clinic includes a series of diagnostic physical tests used to evaluate each golfer's physical attributes as they relate to the golf swing. Based on this evaluation, a custom program will be designed to address the physical needs of each individual. Each training session is designed to not only make you a better golfer but a better athlete, as well, with a focus on improved balance, mobility, stability, strength and power.


The UW Heath Golfers Clinic is staffed by Dave Knight, LAT, CSCS and Kirk Schulz, PT, OCS, CSCS. Both are Titleist Performance Institute-Certified Golf Fitness Instructors with extensive training in biomechanics, kinesiology and human motor control. (Dave is Madison's only Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional Level 2.) For golfers, that means Dave and Kirk understand how to train your bodies to swing the golf club efficiently.


Video: Helping Golfers Find Their Swing


Scott Meganck went from shooting in the low 80s to struggling to break 100 because of a shoulder problem. He came to the UW Health Sports Medicine Golfers Clinic to get his game back on track.



More video: Warming Up and Improving Your Golf Posture