This Month in Sports Rehabilitation: Free Golf Seminar (January 2013)

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Free golf seminar at UW Health Sports Medicine: Golfer following throughAre you already getting the itch to get back out on the golf course? Though the courses are closed, your options to prepare for the upcoming season and improve your game are not.


Free Golf Seminar: February 10, 2013


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation's Golfers Clinic is sponsoring a free seminar to help you improve your swing and understand how the golfer's physical abilities and limitations affect the swing.


Todd Oehrlein, the University of Wisconsin golf coach, will discuss golf swing techniques from the perspective of a teaching professional.


Dave Knight, a Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Medical Professional at UW Health Sports Rehabilitation, will present on topics to improve your golf game by addressing the physical demands of the golf swing. Dave's work at the Golfers Clinic focuses on helping golfers improve swing biomechanics, reduce golf-related injuries and address physical limitations that impact their swing.



About the Golf Swing


The golf swing is a complex series of muscular actions performed in a coordinated pattern. The swing path is different for each golfer. The ideal individual golf swing is dependent on the rules and laws of biomechanics of golf, such as swing plane, impact position and club position. These components are also highly affected by the physical qualities of each individual. Physical limitations, such as poor balance or lack of hip mobility, can lead to swing problems. Swing faults that result from physical limitations can lead to specific injuries or performance limitations such as inadequate distance, consistency and accuracy.


Instructor Dave Knight's discussion at our free Golf Seminar, as well as his work at our Golfers Clinic,  focuses on evaluating each golfer's physical attributes as they relate to the golf swing.