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UW Health Dancers Clinic Pointe Readiness: Dancer and instructorThe UW Health Sports Medicine Pointe Readiness Preparation and Assessment program prepares the younger dancer to go on Pointe or assesses a dancer's readiness to go on Pointe once they reach the appropriate age.


Elements that factor into the assessment include the dancer's age, physical capabilities and the number of years they have been in ballet.


This assessment is available to both healthy and injured dancers and includes:

  • A 60-minute appointment that includes video analysis, brief musculoskeletal screen, physical exam and professional recommendations related to Pointe readiness to help reduce and prevent injuries
  • For healthy dancers, the physical examination consists of screening strength and flexibility
  • For injured dancers, the physical examination will include special orthopedic tests to assess the integrity and recovery of the injured tissues
  • Biomechanical assessment comprised of eight tests that challenge neuromuscular control, strength, flexibility and balance
  • Follow-up discussion to improve understanding of readiness using the Pointe Readiness Scoring Continuum
  • Recommendation of exercises and suggestions for improvement based on any physical limitations. 


  • Consultations with injured dancers will be billed to insurance as physical therapy or athletic training. Please contact your insurance company to verify your coverage. 
  • The 60-minute sessions for healthy dancers cost $150.