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Sports Rehabilitation Locations

UW Health Sports Medicine's staff of physical therapists and athletic trainers is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes.


Our Specialty-trained Staff


Our sports specialty-trained staff of physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and physical therapist assistants can provide you with an evaluation and treatment plan that will meet your specific needs. Our staff prides itself on understanding the movements (biomechanics) of sport to ensure the identification of potential problems as well as the design of comprehensive rehabilitation.


Many of our staff members have additional certifications, such as certified bike fitters, Titleist Performance Institute medical professionals, National Pitching Association certification, and certification for Pilates, Performance Enhancement and Strength and Conditioning.


Our Programs


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Optimize physical therapy: Trainer working with young athlete  

Optimize Physical Therapy


Our Optimize program is designed for athletes who want to continue their physical therapy and rehabilitation program after their medically-based physical therapy program. Learn more about Optimize physical therapy


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Concussion Clinic


Sports Concussion Clinic 


We offer a comprehensive Sports Concussion Rehabilitation Program for athletes with prolonged concussion symptoms. Learn more about the Sports Concussion Clinic


UW Health Sports Medicine Performance Spectrum: Two program participants, jumping


Spectrum: Rehabilitation of Athletic Movement for Return to Sport 


The Spectrum program is designed to provide athletes an opportunity to work on functional conditioning and sport-specific drills. Learn more about Spectrum


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Throwers Clinic  

 Trigger Point Dry Needling 


We offer trigger point dry needling as an effective treatment for muscular pain from sport and orthopedic injuries and conditions. Learn more about trigger point dry needling